World of the walking toddler

Our Jade is at the cusp of being a real tyrant, a real tornado tearing through the house. Yes, she finally walked. And everything at eye level is hers for the taking, messing, destroying and mine for the cleaning. I’m not sure if all that bending and couching is good for a 7 month pregnant clumsy old dinosaur like me!

Since our little darling walked late, we were alittle worried about her only walking around the 15th month. She was adamant that crawling was ‘her thang’ and she did it perfectly – it was a very efficient mode of transportation for her. But now that she’s ‘found her legs’ and the freedom that comes with it, there is no stopping her and a whole wealth of new things to touch and feel has just trebled. And the worst part of it all is that everything she sees, she puts in her mouth.

I have read that that is a toddler’s way of discovering and learning – but its a close call (and I still scream) when she sees a stray house millipede on the floor and its going straight to her mouth! Its like the scene goes into slow motion and pregnant mother screams, makes a football dive and grabs the ‘pede’ from the toddler at just at the last minute, wipes her brow, and chastises the little girl Malaysian style – ‘AIYA YOU ah!’ Phew, mother saves the day but gets a crack in the back, and walks off, limping….but hey, mother’s a hero, saves the day…

Spending this much time literally 24/7 with little Jade made me realise that I havent spent enough time with her. Previously, spending time with her meant half a day out, or a couple of hours with her and her toys in front of the tv and half an hour of flash cards/learning/books.

Now, spending 24/7 with a high energy toddler is enough to make any sane mother go alittle mad. Of course, its great to have a nice long nap during the day when she finally exhausts herself and falls asleep for a couple of hours. Then its the hefty decision I have to make – should I make a poo or go to sleep like RIGHT NOW!!!

I dive into bed.


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