Delivery imminent

As blank as this page is, my mind is. I havent seen hubby for over 2 weeks and communication has been slow and rather pathetic between us due to time zone differences so I’m quite keen to see him. I checked myself out in the mirror today to will away the pasty-faced housewife in pj’s look. Its coming to the end of my pregnancy and the bigger I get, the lazier I am to make the best efforts to look enviably attractive…hmm….

Well, Hubby is coming home tomorrow so I get to see him again…primped or not.

And my hair! Has seen better days. I need a haircut and a pampering, but with alot of tightenings and Braxton Hicks coming now and again, driving to the hair salon while Jade is napping? Napping along with her (diving into bed with her, more likely) wins hands down.

So the hair, the face, the everything…is on full I DONT CARE, I’M PREGNANT – look. Hubby’s got to wear his sunnies in the house all day or something cos this whale is not about to grow feet to primp herself up. Thank God that the burst of hormones I am having now is giving me great skin that needs minimal care (must be God’s way of saying…I give you a break!).

I’m more relaxed this time around for the birth, although its again with alot of mixed feelings. The first birth with Jade, I didnt know what to expect (other than the information from the books I read with great anxiety) so I was afraid BECAUSE i didnt know what was coming. But what you dont know is sometimes a blessing. Now that I DO know what I’m in for, I’m more prepared for the whole thing mentally, but also dread the shitty bits. Oh well…

What I do know is that God plays the 100% role in this, and I must commit it all into his hands. I know from experience the last time that the Lord pulled through for me and granted my wishes, heard my fervent prayers and blessed me abundantly. This time, I’m praying for the same. Do say a prayer for my safe delivery wont you?

til next post


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