Sleep techniques

These days if I dont end up tired by the end of the night which is usually 10pm (thats after I put Jade to bed), I would feel a little out of place.

Putting Jade to sleep every night now I think its easier than before (I THINK). She has just graduated from the “sarung” to rolling around, singing to herself, playing with her pacifier, patting my face, kicking her feet and sometimes clapping her hands before she finally drifts off to sleep on our bed. Mummy has to lie next to her, singing her favourite lullabies and finally when I’m exhausted, the songs become a tuneless hum.

On a good day (when she is really exhausted) she goes to sleep in a record 15 minutes. On a bad day, Mummy lies next to her, singing (or croaking, rather) into oblivion her favourite bedtime songs (until my voice grows coarse) for a full hour before she decides to finally stay still and fall asleep. But the usual clocked time is about 30 – 35 minutes.

And by the time I get out of bed, my back is literally creaking from lying in a certain position for too long. Because I make sure the room is pitch dark (it gives her brain signals that its sleep time), I sometimes get socked in the face from her – the cheekbone is a real favourite too and tonight, it was a poke in the eye. The real collateral damage, though, is when she decides to head butt my face. Praise God she hasnt broken my nose just yet.

But to me, it’s been a real pleasure (mostly) and its lovely to hear her singing and baby-talk to herself in the dark. It warms the heart, lifts the spirits and I always thank the Lord for this miracle of having her.

My angel

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