Its getting closer to Christmas, and that time of year when I rack my brains to get a present for hubby. Its hard enough to select something for a man let alone my hubby who knows very well how to buy his own presents throughout the year. It equates into a man who has more things than I can think of and it makes it exceedingly difficult for me to find something of worth which he would like to have but doesn’t. And of course if i were to try to buy something he truly wanted but does not have, I would have to break the bank (mine anyway) or rob one.

DO YOU have this problem buying for your man?

I think a really nice present for him would be to invite Anthony Bourdain for dinner – which of course is impossible. He is a celebrity (although I’m sure the man would hate to be labeled as one) and he lives halfway around the globe. So we invite him into our home by watching his latest series “The Layover”. He still trawls the world over for delicious, mouth watering food of all cuisines, but in this series he stops over at certain cities (so far Singapore, Rome, Miami and New York) for only 24 hours and takes us to the best picks of the city if you ONLY had 24 hours. In our malaysian english, this would be “transit!”

Cool new series

We were quite impressed by the food selection shown in Singapore – from Briyani, to Chicken Rice (claimed to be Singapore’s national dish??!!) to curry fish head, hawker food, kuehs etc. Everything you would get in Malaysia! So I was slightly miffed and jealous about it – why didnt Tony Bourdain come layover in KL – we have all those things and more!??? Hey in KL, he could add Bak Kut Teh to the mix. LOL.

By the way, he said that Changi Airport has got to be the best airport IN THE WORLD!! As anything Bourdain says is gold, my hubby totally and absolutely agrees to that comment. So no one minds a transit in Changi airport. Anyway, the food he shown us was mouth watering. Even the burgers in New York looked soooOOO good.

If you have the chance, pick up the book “Medium Raw” by Bourdain – I have to say he is a SICKKKK writer.


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