Still kicking

If you thought my long and awkward silence was due to the fact that I have indeed POPPED my bun out of the oven and given birth…NO, I havent. Its just that finding time to write here outside of my brain-blog (i.e. thoughts in my head) was literally impossible. I get so tired by the end of the day that just keeping my head up on my shoulders is hard work. I look down at my bulging tummy and I think to myself that this baby seems to be bigger than my first – if that is humanly possible. I can foresee the amount of ugly pock mark stretch-marks that are going to appear after this – Im not going to be fooled no more. They all come out and have a field day on my tummy the moment i give birth! So I can safely put away my bikinis until my next pregnancy and my skin is stretched out again….

The finish line is clearly in sight with about 6 more days to my due date.. Breathless and lethargic on most days, I am keeping as patient as I can carrying my baby around.

After this, I may be able to write alittle more during my confinement period – that is, if I can find time between feeds and all. But since I dont have to shower or wash my hair during the month (by right!) I could squeeze in the time to write something (and something of interest)! My blog is getting SooOOOO interesting, innit? All i can talk about are babies and motherhood.

I just visited a friend today in hospital after she gave birth 2 days ago to a gorgeous baby girl. Congrats, Mabel and Andrew! It brings back memories of my ‘time’ in hospital when I gave birth to Jade and I cannot believe I’m about to go in to do more ‘time’ in a week. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the good Lord will bless the whole process and it will go by swiftly and safely and baby and I will come out of it strong and healthy. This time I’m bringing my Ipad and my eye shades so I can GO TO SLEEP in between feeds or when baby is sleeping. I’m going to need all the sleep I can get to combat the inevitable baby ‘blues’ that new mothers seem to get.

THIS TIME, I will know better. I learned from my last experience and I’m going to apply all my knowledge!!! ( so much for giving myself a motivational pep-talk…)

Til next post – I might have popped by then…so keep me in your prayers!!






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