the waiting game

I cannot believe I wrote a post – the first in 2o12 without talking about what a great and fabulous year it will  be (or I will WILL it to be)! New addition to the family coming along soon (in a matter of days – hopefully not hours!) and new home. I did not make any new year resolutions but I’ve got a couple of ideas at the back of my mind (the kind of resolution you have internally which never gets met).

As i write this, i am feeling some aches and pains in my belly. Being due to give birth in a matter of 5 days, it really plays with your mind. My OBGYN has ‘a gut feeling’ that baby will come before next week and I think that will be true.

Once again, I’m going into ‘confinement’ and the herbs and cooking ingredients for my favourite confinement food is being prepared. Thats probably the best part of confinement – the great ginger wine food variety…everyday, lunch AND dinner. I don’t know why I cant get sick of it.

Here’s an idea of my menu

Ginger and wine chicken with black fungus

Chu Kiok Cho (Pig trotter in vinegared soup!) - my favourite!

My hubby does not, i repeat DOES NOT like confinement food. So i dont have to share and its really too bad. I have heard many hubbies partaking in the delicious meals. My hubby, does, however, get pregnancy empathy symptoms such as eating, sleeping and getting all emo. How endearing. Well, we are now both holding our breath for the arrival of baby and its quite excruciating, the wait. Get it over with already!!

Anyway what am I going to have once my confinement is over – my first real, cold, draft of beer – in over 9 mths. cant wait!!!





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