After this long hiatus, you would have surmised that yours truly has indeed given birth and lived to tell the tale.

I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for the miracle of the birth of our baby girl Sofia, who is as beautiful and perfect as I have prayed for. The labour this time was not as smooth as I had hoped (or as the first) and i was plagued with the shivers almost throughout the whole ‘ordeal’ (as I like to call it). The uncontrollable shivers I was told is a normal part of labour which progresses quite quickly, and this time I was spared the long waiting time and it only took me 1.5 hours to have my painful contractions progress from 1 in 20 minutes to 1 in 7 minutes. After which we rushed to the hospital and got admitted. At this juncture I had been told that I was almost ready to give birth as the baby’s head was very ‘low’ and I may not make it for an epidural. It was THEN I started (as if on que) getting the shivers. I was shivering alot so I was worried that something was wrong with me and I pleaded to the Lord. I thought somehow, somewhere in my head, I heard “Peace, child” – I dont know why….and when I heard that, my shivers stopped. And this happened 3 times.

But luckily, when my Obstetrician arrived, he corrected the false call and I was only 3cm dilated, it would be a couple of hours before the pushing action would begin and I could have my epidural quite safely on time (by a trainee Anesthetist!!). I was nervous. Shiver shiver.

But praise the Lord, all was well and good (so far) and the epidural worked like a charm (I was very charming after administration, that is) and it was during the waiting that hubby and I decided on the name for baby. We went through the baby name apps and my hubby settled on Sofia, which meant wisdom and was the most agreeable of options we had and we went for it.

I like to think that the Lord’s angels were around to welcome little Sofia into the world. What a miracle. A miracle of Life, Love and Hope.

Our little darling Sofia - 1 week old


3 thoughts on “WORD!

  1. Congratulations Sue!! Sofia is so beautiful. Awesome job on the delivery, and I hope you’ll rest well during your confinement period. Love and blessings to you, Ron and Jade xx

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