A great day and many more to anticipate!

Yesterday marked the 10th day of my ‘house arrest’ and it was, to me anyway, a great day because I took a real bath and had a hair wash! The confinement lady said I could do 3 baths and hair washes during the confinement month, which was great cos I think I only did 2 the first time with my first confinement. So, once again, I reiterate – never take for granted what a regular bath can do for your endorphins! Even if the water was spiced with lemon grass and ginger and what other ingredients I dont know, and the bath consisted of the brown water in a tub and washing was with a plastic scoop. I was literally ‘high’ after it. i had 3 shampoos!

i am a mere 20 days away from my first real draft of cold, cold beer. thats the number one thing im going for after keeping ‘dry’ for the past 11 months.

Just to punctuate a point

imagine a life with no wine, beers or bubblies and too top it all off, no sashimi (which I dont really mind) but no half boiled eggs, I cant stand.

Mamak or kopitiam style...

And ‘sitting out’ during parties or events whereby everyone around you has a little wine or champagne glass in hand, I would say, really poops my party. And while breastfeeding, alcohol should be kept to a bare minimum, its better than nothing! Suffice to say, I’m also looking forward to a time when my breasts are free from round-the-clock-feeding and back where they belong, in a proper bra!

So this post departs from my usual prim and proper-ness and borders on flighty and a little insane (sans the evil cackling and rubbing of hands together which should be accompanying my post) but thats what being finally released from ‘jail’ feels like, then so be it!









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