Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my chinese mates and those celebrating the chinese new year.

I cannot believe another chinese new year has come. I wish I was holidaying and making merry with more friends and relatives but this year is an uneventful one and nicely, I wont be partaking in any wine-drinking, beer drinking or anything alcoholic other than having a stiff shot of DOM BENEDICTINE everyday. But I guess I could add water and ice and pretend its one of my favourite brandies. Oh,I forgot, I cannot have any cold drinks til confinement is over, so wipe that off my mind.

Our darling new born is now 2 weeks old. Time to bring out the cameras and snap away at the 2nd week mark. I have to say, the picture taking was not as gregarious as with our firstborn. That what seasoned parents told me. The 2nd and 3rd etc babies dont have as much on print or digitals as the firstborn. As laziness DOES admittedly set in, it reminds me of the equity factor.

We must always be fair between the children and I’m having my first taste of it already.

I once met a lady who breastfeed her first born for 16 months. (My mouth was agape at that number of course..) But more than that, she said, when it came to her second baby, do or die, she made sure she had to breastfeed for 16 months as well. The reason? Because she wouldnt know how to explain to her second baby that she breastfeed her for LESS than the first. Gosh. But i think its more of avoiding a personal guilt trip, rather than having to explain it to the kid.

So here I am, while trying to be as fair as possible to the new baby (she didnt get any new clothes because her elder sister had barely worn the many pieces we had bought the first time) – I did feel a silly twinge of guilt. Poor littke Sofia, wearing hand-me-downs already. But hey, the some of the so-called hand me downs were not even worn more than once! But thanks to Christmas and many well wishers who brought gifts, little Sofia has some new baby clothes – very lovely ones at that! So thank you all our friends and family who gave us pressies.

So here’s to the coming wonderful new year. Chin Chin!











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