Way below perfection

You may have noticed in my last post that the picture has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the post. LOL. No, it doesnt. I was just trying out the new theme design, just FYI.

After everyone has left for the night

Last night was the full moon party for our little Sofia. Thank you to all our friends who were present to celebrate the night with us (apologies, it was a school night) but that didnt really curb the flow of alco, did it?

Of course yours truly is still in confinement and obediently did not drink a drop of alco. Somehow, being tipsy around the kids doesnt sound at all tantalising and has a very off-putting effect. And the critical, judgemental what-kind-of-mother-are-you eye from some people wont do anything for my character either….

Its that motherhood thing again. I have been finding that its really the greatest joy that the Lord has blessed us with two beautiful babies, but it aint a walk in the park. I sometimes even (God forbid!) have sickened thoughts about ‘what my life used to be’ and ‘where has my life gone’?? And then I berate myself heavily and feel like the worst mother in the world. But I realise that motherhood isnt just about trying to be the best mother (and wife – dont forget that other role!) in the universe, but still a process of finding yourself, your balance and being able to improve yourself. A mother is still human, still makes mistakes and I think its important that someone like me (and you) would recognise that. That being a mother doenst mean you have to be perfect.


2 thoughts on “Way below perfection

  1. Can’t wait for you and baby Sofia to be back. We will have to throw another party when you guys are back here…

    Aunty Chuletz.

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