Exercise – healthy body healthy mind….or was it vice versa?

Even I was alittle shocked this time at how long I havent blogged. 10 days! So ‘times’ are bad then….no one ever said motherhood was easy…

Finally, when I found the time to blog (alittle window of opportunity when both babies are in bed and my other necessary duties have been done – such as bathing or eating) I had to take a few seconds to remember my wordpress user name and password. And they say lack of use of the brain is linked to having memory loss problems toward the later part of your life.

So I have grand plans to do something that requires major use of my brain brawn – learning a new language. It will be a great 2012 challenge for me. That, and exercising. I have decided to put a stop to my laziness and start utilising those muscles! Hubby insists that I have no muscle mass at all! So it’s sheer adrenalin and my metabolism keeping me thin, is it? Even that is giving way. I weighed myself and found I havent been shedding the kilo’s as fast as my first post-pregnancy period. *think think worry worry*. Sucking in my tummy requires even more energy these days. As a start, I have been doing some little stretching exercises while blow-drying my hair and after baby’s nappy change. Nothing drastic, just some squats and bends. (Stop rolling your eyes, Ronnie Lim!)

Our little Jade is growing up before our very eyes. We will be starting her in Day care soon and I think as with every new parent, you get alittle nervous (kiasu and paranoid parents, hands up!) and we went in for the day care site survey with a critical eye. Once you get over the mess of the sand box which the kids play with outdoors, inside its better. When asked how do they get cleaned after playing with the sand outdoors, the answer was “Oh, we just brush them off”. Gasp.

Anyway, no point being the clean-nazi – our kid has to get dirty learning new things, so be it! Just don’t catch the flu from anyone my poor baby! Or get pinched or bitten by other kiddos. Now i’d best ensure that my little one does go pinching, grabbing or biting other children! I’m going to watch you like a hawk on your first week, Jade Jade!


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