Liv tyler for G Star

The beauty

I just did a naughty and bought 3 new pairs of G Star Raw jeans. I can safely consider myself a collector of these jeans (jeans in general) just cos g star stuff are so cool. Unfortunately, they don’t have any outlets in Malaysia (lightbulb moment!) and I have to get them overseas. No worry, they have them in Singapore!

Apart from having really cool stuff, their advertising campaign is as cool, with interesting pictorial ads – with an interesting selection of brand ambassadors. One of my favs being Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton as ambassadors.

Gemma Arterton & Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Unfortunately, I have grown OUT of a couple of pairs of g stars I first bought (when I was young, beautiful and skinny – once upon a time) and while I am stubbornly hanging on to them (taking up wardrobe space), I know that I would prolly never (sigh) ever (sigh) fit into those size 24’s again, ever. I was shocked to find that one of my pre-second-pregnancy jeans could only reach up to my thighs and not an inch higher. Water retention! All water retention (i hope!)

Anyway, it gave me the excuse (and worked as a consolation) that I get to purchase another 3 new pairs of G Stars (they were on promotion!).

So hubby, I have made my case here. No objections!



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