the knee

A friend of mine is waiting to propose to his girlfriend of 3 years. While he knows (and she knows) that the answer to the dreaded 4 words (dreaded for the male but words that bring a tremendous shot of adrenalin that lasts til the wedding – for the female) “Will you marry me?”is YES YES YES in most cases, it still brings a man to his shivering (and sometimes quivering) knees.

A gf of mine opines that if he didnt kneel, it doesnt count. No sincerity – and that spells disaster for THAT union.

Another gf scoffs at the whole traditional knee thing and claims it doesnt mean a thing.

Both of them are right. On bended knee or not, once the man gets the girl….the chivalry usually wanes and comes to a sometimes non-too-subtle stop. All you men who object….well at least you are in denial.

I came across something rather funny on the net, just someone random answering a question:

Regardless of the origin, the idea of asking for a loved one’s hand in marriage while partially kneeling is a highly symbolic gesture embodying the very essence of committing one’s life to another: the ideas of goodwill, honor, and trust in that one person is opening themselves completely to another without shame or any physical defenses.

The practical reason behind a bent knee proposal is that it puts the engagement ring in an elevated position between the couple, letting the light hit it clearly without being blocked by both individuals. This highlights the glitter of the ring as well as emphasizing the strength of the commitment.

So – ho ho ho….as per the words above, does it mean to imply that the SIZE of the rock indicates the strength of the commitment?

Another gf of mine thinks that traditionally, the value of the ROCK in essence, should be 3 times of the proposer’s salary – to indicate the level of his sincerity. Do you think this is today’s yardstick? A good measurement on the happy-gf meter? I think thats quite fair. The man should be ‘working’ to sort of prove his love for his chosen bride, should he not?

Well, another gf of mine insists that SHE should be the one choosing the ring, designing it, and TELLING the man what she ‘deserves’! And she acts terribly surprised and even sheds a tear or two when he finally goes on bended knee with the ring she choose. The hopeless romantic would never dream of it, but then again, if your man is going to spend a chunk of his savings on YOUR ring, you’d want him to get it right. And after all, you would be the one wearing it (typically) til your last breath, would you not?

And what about the delivery of the proposal? With technology at our fingertips, there are even videos on youtube on the many types of real-life marriage proposals. Alot of men think long and hard about the ‘when’ and ‘how’ and might feel compelled to outdo others in the creativity section. Jumping from planes, spelling it out on the sand (rose petals, candles, etc), in front of relatives and friends in a public restaurant, on BILLBOARDS – are quite the norm?

Many schools of thought, many opinions. But the man that one day says to his partner – “Its time to get married!” and the girl agrees and they both ride off into the sunset – takes the cake.

And you might wonder…how did my man propose? the good ol’ fashioned way…on bended knee.


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