Ahoy there

Why the weird title?

Cos I am coming far far far from the horizon of ‘domestic bliss’. The speck at the end of the horizon (which I see as a vast wide ocean) which is LIFE as I once knew it….is very very far away. But slowly and surely I’m rising to the challenge as a new mum of 2. And I tell you, mums of one are having it good. Mums of twos are no longer concerned even about trying to remotely resemble some sort of yummy mummy.

Today my mum is around so while we are able to have a little cuppa green tea at home, I manage to rustle up something for my blog which is quickly heading toward oblivion (i thought). Its been 2 weeks since my last paltry post but hey! You guys are still visiting me here so thanks for the motivation!

So far I’m still ‘working’ to get our new home in full working order. Today the astro dudes are here to install astro and yesterday hubby and I managed to purchase the TV that HE wanted (that was deemed as HIS department) and the vacuum cleaner that SHE wanted (i.e. me). Unfortunately they didnt have ready stock for the TV and as the astro installer was due to come today,  so we sorta coaxed them to give us a loan tv so that the installer could test the astro service reception.

And they reluctantly loaned us this little baby….a 24 inch Toshiba TV, which by the way, is smaller than my hubby’s PC gamer’s monitor!!! How we the human race have advanced in that even my hubby’s PC monitor is bigger than some people’s tv’s? Who these days would buy a 24 inch sized TV except to place in the toilet (?). I still remember, 25 years ago our family TV was a 14 inch cathode ray tv!! LOL. Well, never shoot the gift horse in the mouth! The ingrate in me…!

We are still in the midst of decking out the house as we all know, slow and steady wins the race when selecting pieces of furniture. Now we are sorta at the stage of buying electronics and hubby has his eye set on a nice swanky cofffee machine which he will CLEAN himself after using it. Hubby are you reading this?

Til the next time my two girls are napping. Adios.





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