The kiasu parent strikes again

The Shichida Method….the epitome of the kiasu parent.

I have been advised by many a mummies to send my kiddo to The Shichida Method classes. And like any other kiasu parent (wait! Its not being kiasu, its all about wanting the best for your child?!!!) I put Jade into the 6 month wait list. Finally, she got into a class. Last week was the first class…and Mummy was late – I was late for the early, I mean. Being the two time mummy I am, getting to somewhere on time takes herculean effort and plenty of God’s blessings. So I was ON TIME but not early (as I should have been). So of course, I was in abit of a chaotic mood when I arrived at class, with my 3 month old Sofia and my domestic helper in tow.

Jade and Mummy (little did she realise she, Mummy, was also going to be a student once again), entered class. I was rather taken aback at the seriousness of the teacher and the lesson.My poor little baby, her playful innocence was forced to a rather painful stop for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes she cried because she thought Mummy was going to leave her there. Once she was sure I wasnt leaving (mummy’s captive too, ya know) she started paying attention to the teacher.  After 30 minutes, she was roaming the classroom, and refusing to participate in the activities.N No, Mummy, plug points and window blinds are much more exciting than picture activities.

Mummy’s mouth had gone dry after the 1 hour of coaxing her to take an interest, but its OK…all for the FULL utilisation and stimulation of my daughter’s TOTAL brain capacity for the 1 hour. This method is thorough. Its fast. Its not for the faint hearted and not for the flat out mummy. It requires a real dedication on the part of the parent. Patience is just the one requirement. Mummy’s gone alittle crossed eyed after staring at super fast flash-carding, but all for my daughter’s brain stimulation…worth it…worth it…(i keep telling myself)….*sweat sweat thirsty thirsty*

After class I realised that I had not one, but TWO kids now. And I have to endure 2 times of these lessons per week AND conduct DAILY home’work’ for the kids. Faint.

All in a day’s work for the kiasu parent. Wonder how long I can last.


2 thoughts on “The kiasu parent strikes again

  1. Some said start this from 3 yrs onwards when they can at least sit still n mommy thus not stress out for their lack of attention. My gals enjoy the worksheets indeed. Perservere.

    • Hi Eileen, thanks for the tip. I think they charge for postponing your intake too! I doubt my daughter will be anymore attentive at 3 than right now though…not sure if I can last more than 1 semester!

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