Time is too precious

Tears come too easily. Something must be wrong with me. My mother might think I’m pregnant again. LOL.

Recently, I have been finding ready tears at the edges of my eyes during the times I spend one-on-one with my baby Sofia. I dont know whether its the way she looks at me (as if she has eyes only for me), or if its my still-raging hormones, or the fact that I get to spend very little one on one time with her just looking into each other’s eyes (usually while lying down).

I wonder what goes through her head? She seems to have such kind eyes, like an old soul, such a sweet, beautiful person. I think having babies is the best thing in the world. Praise God.

Once again, today, I’m reminded by our very mortality.

A contractor came over today to deliver something to myself. It was raining heavily and over coffee (of the 3-in-1 variety yea) shared his experience of visiting prison inmates in Sungai Buloh, Kajang and Jelebu and sharing the love of Christ with them. He also shares Sunday sermons and bible reading with inmates who are on Death-Row. He is only allowed to share with inmates who are non-muslim, and during these sessions, the prison warden sit with them in the same room.

He also shared about his team’s experience about children in women’s prisons. If a woman sentenced while pregnant, and there is absolutely no one to look after her baby on the outside, the child stays with the mother until he/she is 5 years old. I found myself feeling very sad for the child and mother – how to manage the separation anxiety after the first 5 years of life?

The contractor also shared that he once came across a little boy in the prison – one of the inmate’s children, who after seeing the contractor, ran away as if he had seen a ghost. It was because he had never ever seen a man before – no men are allowed in women’s prisons and all wardens are female. Can you imagine the staggering culture shock this little boy will have if say, you took him to Disney Land?

As for the prisoners on death row….can you imagine being in their shoes? Of course, notwithstanding the fact that they have once committed a serious crime. I cannot imagine facing the hangman’s noose – living your days out in confinement.


I am now starting to read a book called “One month to live”. Just managed the first few pages and already, I’m feeling the dread of our last days on earth.

How do you utilise your time as wisely as you can? Are you trying to live out what God wants you to do?

How are you prioritising your activities – your precious time on earth? What would you do if you knew you only had 30 more days to live?

Most of us dont know when we will die. But its the inevitable. Lets wake up and smell the flowers. Lets not wait for the “when XX happens then I will XX”. Re-evaluate, re-think, re-organise.





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