I’m into my first week of mentally reminding myself here and there of how I should spend my time if I knew I only had 30 more days to live. Man, that mantra in my head does wonders in getting my bum up and off to do whatever I’ve been procrastinating to do. Actually I cannot really call myself a procrastinator because I hardly have any time in which I could procrastinate. Its mainly always a choice of doing either A or B during my spare time.

So now, let me try squeezing in A and B during that spare time.

The 30 days to live mantra also works wonders in easing my impatience. If I had to do something which is deemed a ‘chore’ in my mind, I suddenly dont mind doing it so much. And the mantra hits many soft spots when it comes to dealing and spending time with both my little ones. Suddenly, all the time in the world is not enough to spend with them.

Unfortunately, I’ve caught the flu bug just today. It reared its ugly head and manifested in me after Ive been told enough times by people around me that they are down with the flu or that their someone is down with the flu. Its enough to psychologically make me sick and voila, it started with a sorethroat and now a runny nose. And the worst part, my little girls are both displaying the same symptoms. Looks that my feeble efforts to avoid kissing or getting too close to them proved futile. Just realised how hard it is to refrain from kissing and hugging them so many times a day.

Its close to bedtime (the only time I have to spare for myself with the house being in peace and quiet) and i think my runny nose is a little better although my watery eyes do not help. So goodnight all and keep yourself well protected from the virus thats going around. Vitamin – C yourself out!


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