The making of the Diorissimo Bag

I came across this video online and thought it was very interesting.

Hubby was a peach today – he got me a lovely gift. I think it’s called ‘wifey not able to go for a holiday’ gift. LOL. And it was from the beautiful House of Dior in Tokyo. He told me very conspiratorially that the bag is not sold to just any Tom-Dick-and-Harry (I’m sure it was a well-rehearsed speech by the sales attendant, reserved for a husband on the prowl for a wife’s gift). And I asked him….”What made you so special?”. I literally heard him shrug over the phone – but I could tell the thought never occurred to him – that he was one of the many.

Subsequently, he sent me more pictures of bracelets, dresses and even sunglasses??! I’m sure the Sales Attendant thought she was going to have a field day. How sweet my hubby is in these situations. Thank you my darling Hubby….but just the bag will do…How on earth do you buy sunglasses just by looking at it – in 2 D?!

I cant help but feel that this is going the main thread of things for the next few years at least. I would be home with the kids while hubby traipses the world over, getting me souvenirs from places which I would never go and can only view online – I guess for that I can sheepishly thank Google for its Google Earth. And this reminds me of the blue enrich card situation. Blue….indeed…sob…

But its OK…I can take my lovely new Dior bag to the…er….cant think of a nice occasion other than the odd birthday dinner.I’m still stubbornly purchasing high heel shoes…(its nice to look at) although realistically I wear my Birkies (the same pair mind you) about 50% of the time, 40% of the time in anything which is flat and the other 10% of the time the low heeled work shoe.

I like how a friend of mine (male) puts it. Low ROI for the expensive item you purchase but only use twice. Such as his wife’s KitchenAid mixer. Each cake she made became worth about a thousand dollars. Well, I’m sure we are all somehow guilty of buying something (doesnt have to be expensive) which is left hanging in the closet with the price tag intact – 2 years later (by which time, its fully depreciated!? Good argument). Retail therapy its called. The thrill of the buy. And ownership.

Til my next souvenir.

















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