Have you had to tiptoe around your own bedroom for a total of 2 years (in the dark?!!).

Well I have. And today, im writing my post with great fervor and excitment as finally we have moved into our new place and both our girls are in their own rooms. Finally, for the first time in 2 years i’ve got my own bed to myself and as if in great rebellion, ALL the lights are on. Just cos I can! Before, I had to tiptoe in the DARK and darent even whisper (or sometimes breathe) in case the baby woke up. And if the baby so much as stirred in her cot, I would freeze in my tracks (e.g. when I’m on the way to the toilet, or turning in bed under the covers – no rustling sounds as to wake baby up, ya know?)

So, while I’ve stopped short at blasting music in our bedroom, I am sitting in bed with the laptop AND 2 books nearby. I have a problem, I admit. I buy books because I want to read them, but i hardly get a chance to do so. Therefore it is shameful that I have at least 4 -5 books lying in wait for their turn to be read. And the rate that I’m going through them is painful, at best. My speed reading skill isnt what it used to be.

I remember those days (its a fuzzy memory, but its there) when, as a teenager, I could lie in bed ALL day with a great novel in hand and do absolutely nothing else but read. How great is that luxury!? I’m lucky now to get through a few pages at all these days (while on the loo, or at midnight after all my other necessary ‘work’ is done). I pass by the shelf containing my half read books and i look at them wistfully as I climb the stairs and trudge into bed, resorting to a few minutes on FB or on the e-bible before words start swimming before my eyes. (its happening right now)

So whether or not I have my bedroom to myself…the novelty is getting older and older as we speak and as my eyelids get droopier….my typos get worse.

Goodnight to all before i start slurring.



I am somehow taking alittle longer to absorp reading matter these days. either my motherly brain has gone alittle rusty, or that my eyelids probably need matchsticks to hold themselves up at the end of the day.







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