Hello all…..such a cheery greeting to my long lost readers. You must have thought I’ve hung up my blogging hat judging from the sad inactivity on my blog. Well you guys are still visiting and thank you for stopping by!

I’m always guilty of explaining my (lack of) appearances and after a dreary long time away from putting up posts, I guess I have a mega explanation to make.

Lets just say that time at the moment is of the essence. Time, at the moment, is not so much a friend as is a tester – a tester of how good I really am at ‘managing’ it. A few weeks of abnormal heart palpitations later, I find that I am learning to prioritise abit more, learning to let go abit more, and learning how to look at things without giving myself too much stress.

My kids are such a big part of life at the moment – I’d like to remind all you readers out there who are also parents ….whether parents of young babies, children or teenagers etc…that every moment spent with your child is an investment. Every quality moment spent, is more of something they will ever remember – as opposed to ferrying them to and from school activities, gymboree, music, dance class or whatever that these generation of toddlers go to.

While I tell myself these things, its also so important to consistently develop yourself, Mummies. A happy mummy = a happy daddy. A happy mummy and daddy brings forth happy and wonderful offspring. Why consistently develop yourselves? A child looks up to his or her Mum and Dad. Whether they admit to it or not. What Mummy learns (it could be music, reading, singing, sports, language) – the child benefits. It is passed down to your children, and you CAN and WILL inspire them. I feel its such an important part of nurturing them.

So Mummies (and Daddies), your life doenst have to stop here. Dont deny yourselves 100% just to look after your kids. Spend a little time of your own for personal and self-growth. Have you been inspired lately? Do you feel as if life has stagnated and there is nothing much left but pampers, bathing, feeding, educating, playing and sickening reruns on the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network? Stop here and write down your dreams and ambitions. Take one day at a time. 10 minutes a day can produce wonders.

Take care of yourselves Mummies. Your health is your children’s wealth.









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