The dreaded comfort zone

Are you in your comfort zone?

Have you built up your life to do everything ‘as you learnt to’ ‘as you always have’?

Recently, I have be involved in something that catapulted me out of my comfort zone. Other than being married for a few years and being pregnant twice and having 2 little babies in that space of time…I guess I can’t really say that I’m in a comfort zone (its sometimes anything but!), however I somehow managed to make life alittle spicier but starting something new that is a complete 180 degree turn of what I usually wouldnt do.

The new venture initially thought of as curiosity, has led me to learn a few things in life. Or rather, to relearn a few things in life.

When have you last had to create networks, put your reputation out of a limb? Learnt something new and fresh, started from the ground up? When had you attended an event for the first time? When have you last evaluated what you want to achieve in life? Have you even evaluated if you have even attempted to reach for your childhood dreams? Do you even remember your childhood dreams? When was the last time your knowledge has been examined? When was the last time you were rejected? When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach?

growing older brings alot of benefits. you learn from experience not to do certain things. but you also lose the appeal of risking something to do something new. That usualy comes with the foolhardiness of youth.

Age, I guess is supposed to just be a number. but every year older you grow is every year less on earth. And where and how are you spending your quality years on earth?

such a random topic. Anyway, its food for thought. let us never ‘rest on our laurels’.




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