car park mafia

With the current purported crime rate in KL, its not wonder that valet parking services are raking it in.

I even overheard two women talking as I walked past them in a popular neighbourhood mall: Yes I always use the valet parking service nowadays – said one to another. So sparks the debate: if you are travelling alone in your car, is Rm15 or RM20 too much to pay for your safety? Just make sure you dont visit more than 2 malls per day.

There was another area in a nearby neighbourhood who had scary looking carpark touts. When we approached the restaurant nearby, they ‘assisted’ us in parking our cars by gesturing left right etc (not like we needed the help you see). I told my husband…this is a municipal parking space. Are they going to  illegally charge us for parking here? At 8pm at night? I asked rather sarcastically. Then hubby said….we wont pay! Then as we vacated the car… i told hubby…you know what? If they do ask, we should just pay and get out of here. I had changed my mind because I realised how vulnerable we were, with our 2 year old, and them, a bunch of hooligan-looking people.

As we entered the restaurant, I asked the waiter…are we supposed to pay these hooligans? And the waiter said (as re-reassuringly as he could without looking sheepish) Dont worry Ma’am, the restaurant will pay for all our customers. Rm10 per car.

I was shocked.

So what is the world or rather, KL, coming to? How can these touts be allowed to ‘operate’ like that? the carpark Mafia.

Are the police doing another about it? Its a blatant act of exploitation and extortion.

And the very fact they they even look scary and scare regular Malaysians….is in itself a terrible thing. Dont even mention the scare for tourists. Gosh.





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