A little piece of ‘Ferrari’

I return to the blogosphere like someone with a vengeance. With once again a renewed theme, I’m armed with determination to be a more consistent so-called blogger.

For most of you following my lame excuse for a blog, the current theme seems like a little deviation from previous, and I guess, alittle skewed from what I’m (and you) are used to around here. And if you’ve been around here long enough, you would realise that my changes come once in a long while and during this period of change, there could be a couple of changes before I’m satisfied with the look and feel of things around here.

Firstly, the departure from the usual look (many columns, which i will now call ‘distractions’) to the bare minimum i.e. my latest post, in its entirety. Any other ‘bits’ will be available at the bottom of the screen. You hardly scroll there anyways….right? Also, a bit of colour that packs a punch never hurt anyone – except those lying in bed in the dark feverishly playing ‘scramble’ on your phone. So yea, while I will be terribly impressed and honoured that you might be doing just that – reading my blog on your phone in bed in the dark – I’m sure it will probably be more the exception than the rule.

So back to my item for the day – we are now in the proud group of people owning a little piece of the ‘Ferrari’ of photography (as the sales manager put it to me). A very interesting thing that was said to me today….When you are an F1 driver, everyone aspires to drive the Ferrari, even Lewis Hamilton. Not 100% sure if that’s really true, but its always nice to be happily ‘persuaded’ that you are indeed getting your money’s worth when investing in something, even if its the junior member of the product line.


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