The Professional Knitter

After more than a month of stewing in Australia and spending 3/4th of that time growing moss in Adelaide, I have put my foot down (gently and slothlike-ly) to doing something useful and creative with my time. So it was between (a) Painting and (b) Knitting (GASP!)

So the verdict?

It had to be knitting since painting involved paints (messy) and drawing (i’m no Picasso) and would produce a useful end product (even a crooked, holey, uneven scarf would benefit a poor homeless man on the street!)

This eager beaver did her research online and I found a shop called The Yarnbarn – and I was off (husband in tow) to get the knitting paraphernalia. According to my Learner’s Book for Beginners, someone would need:

1. Knitting needles (you wont believe how many sizes and lengths of needles there are for the numerous sizes of wool)

2. A sewing needle for joining seams on sweaters etc

3. A measuring tape

4. Sharp scissors

5. Stitch holders for holding something which is being knitting halfway so the stitches won’t unravel

OK, no brainer items. So I got some of the stuff above (all excited and hubby was equally excited so I’d get off his back while he is playing WOW). I spent ALLLL day yesterday attempting to make a Valentino-esque chilli red wool scarf. I mastered the CAST ON, KNIT stitch and CAST OFF so I stopped my scarf to try other stitches first (quite proud of myself because I managed to do all that by reading the learner’s guide).

The Professional Knitter! Haha....havent even managed to knit a whole handkerchief! I should stop here and make a handphone case instead of a scarf.

Massive backaches later I managed to learn another stitch so I gave myself a pat on the back. The lady owner at the Yarnbarn conducts classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays so I’ll prolly be off to one of her classes to find out more about this whole knitting business. Time to make little baby bolero cardigans!

p/s You can see abit of my baby bump in the pic above.


Sweat countdown

4 legs are better than 2?


I have approximately 30 more days to start training for the 5km Run for the Nation.

I guess the on and off email updates from RunNat serve as a reminder – time is (literally) RUNNING out! My calves are protesting at the thought, but its nourishing to know that more and more people around Malaysia (incldg East Malaysia) are participating and gearing up for this run on October 10th.

This morning I woke at 7.20am and looked outside. A man wearing a white sleeveless jersey and white bermudas jogged past our window. 30 seconds later, he was followed by a little dog (size of a mini Pinscher) wearing a pink coloured jersey. Hmmmmm……a sign?

I make my nervous calculations. There is 30 days left, within which there are 4 weekends. And the last time I ran was likely the yearly high school 7 1/2 rounds of our school field (a total of 1.5kms) – Thanks Lee San for reminding me of our yearly endurance torture.

So….5kms is more than 25 rounds of our school field. I never really looked at the math, but that seems an awfully long distance to be running within 30 minutes.

I woke up today with half a mind to put on the running shoes, going outside and running. That was just in mind – but the body went back to sleep. I guess those who know me know that sport and any sort of athleticism doesn’t stay put (or ever appear) in my hectic schedule. Mental note: Things do to before I hit 30.

Lets try for tomorrow, shall we?

Post update at 9.06am: I just walked the length of my room 20 laps. Its too late to go outside for a brisk walk (lets not actually jog yet)

Golf update #682

Yo! i finally got my blisters back again…woohoo! This time more than before…i wonder if it was cos I had 3 wonderful golf instructors today telling me to:

1. not disco dance before i hit the ball

2. shift my weight from left to right then left

3. not be rigid – Zack did a robotic movement. He put it very clearly…if you are rigid, of course you can’t run, right??

and they were full of…”OK-wat!” and “its a good start wat!” and “you’re getting there”…..such motivational coaches…

so it was a great 2 hours of ball and air bashing for me. We told Nellie this afternoon at work that we were going…there were a zillion failed attempts to meet at the driving range, and Nellie told us to take pics as evidence cos she couldnt be there to witness it tonight…so here you go Nellie Belly…

Taken with my Nokia 6600. Ridza admiring his clubs.

Taken with my Nokia 6600. Ridza the 'hustler' admiring his clubs. He hit really well for someone who just took up golf again...

Zack was yelling out in the background "Poser man you!!!" wahaha...i was happy cos i had wrapped up, my last ball flew pretty well and NOW i can sleep well tonight

Zack was yelling out in the background "Poser man, you!". Wahaha - watch out Zack, your poser pic coming up below! I was proud cos I had just wrapped up and my last ball flew pretty well. NOW i can sleep well tonight...haha

Shahril the pro. He obviously came after work, and he really knows how to make 'em fly.

Shahril the pro. He obviously came after work, and he really knows how to make' em fly

ZACK prepped for that high an far hit. Tak nampak muka tak apa, nampak style cukup! haha

ZACK prepped for that high an far hit. Tak nampak muka tak apa, nampak style cukup! haha

Alright…ive got a long way to go with this sport and i’m repeating this like a mantra…memorise your muscle movement, MEMORISE!!!

My Golf Update #313

My golf update is NIL.

I have not made had the chance to for the past 4 weeks. It seems I’m now one of those that fall into the category of “Only go lesson halfway – gave up”!

NO! I refuse! My new shiny clubs are at the back of my head, calling me on a daily basis. I realise that its IS so difficult for girls sometimes…esp those who are a tad bit vain. You can’t do sports just after a manicure, you cant do sports just after a hairwash, can’t do sports without wearing the proper bra, can’t do sports just after eating (of course), but also, you can’t do a massage within 1 hour after eating, and after the massage you’d be too relaxed to go to the driving range AND sweat again after 1 tonne of aromatheraphy oils rubbed silly into you right? THEN, you also know that you shouldn’t shower for at least 3 hours after a massage (scared “masuk angin”) so obviously no sports after massage. You can’t do sports after a facial (scared to sweat all that 1,000 dollar serum away) and the sweat going into your enlarged pores after huffing and puffing with that red face.

Anddd then, if a girl is alone….do she want to go play on her own? Who can she drag along? No one….aiya, nevermindla, just go another day! When is another day, when you work 8.30 – 6pm (on good days) on weekdays and then weekends you want to go window shopping with your boyfriend, or have ‘tea’ with mates, do your foot reflexology, have dinner with your parents and the other 1001 things we need to do…  

OK I’m ranting…but admit it, some bits of it hit home, right? I just noticed my golf update consisted of 3 alphabets (N-I-L) but the list of excuses was an essay. HA!!!

Never wear a coloured shirt for……

I was thinking what to blog about today, was thinking HMMmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have put 3 WHOLE posts in one day (yesterday) as some of my closest and dearests’ pointed out (see comments on my YUM YUM post). So I’m just going to update everyone on my very good golfing achievement today…My coach taught me a full swing today and I’m finally hitting beyond the 3 metre mark and getting closer to the 50m mark (maybe even alittle further! haha)

Anyway, my fingers are getting more blistered – so I must really getting somewhere. My coach told me to “treat each ball like a diamond” and make sure I get the swing right before hitting.

I was sweating like a *** and I wore a green coloured t-shirt – you can imagine the lovely, glamourous and sophisticated “pit patches” and “back patches” I made on my green t-shirt. Hence the header of the post – NEVER WEAR A COLOURED SHIRT (if its not black or dark blue). OK, I am probably the only idiot who doesn’t know that. I saw NO ONE wearing a green t-shirt today at the range, not even the unfashioned-conscious old uncles. So yeah, no pics on me golfing today!


2nd lesson ONLY....not BADDDDDD right???? Got 'teCK-NIK" one, okay, not simply simply one!

To round it up, dinner was at a little cosy restaurant I’m sure most people have heard of. Fong Lye in Sri Hartamas serves good quality chinese cuisine. Pricing alittle over average but the ambience and good food pretty much justifies the prices.

Fong Lye in Sri Hartamas (gets alittle crowded during peak dinner hours)

Fong Lye in Sri Hartamas (gets alittle crowded during peak dinner hours)

Koi fishpond...very fascinating, someone thinks!

Koi fishpond...very fascinating, someone thinks!

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