My Flavour will no longer be the updated – please visit Thats right, I decided to ‘get serious’.

Deciding to ‘get serious’ and actually getting serious are in fact, two very different things. LOL – already a disclaimer.

Here’s to future (and better quality) posts.


A little piece of ‘Ferrari’

I return to the blogosphere like someone with a vengeance. With once again a renewed theme, I’m armed with determination to be a more consistent so-called blogger.

For most of you following my lame excuse for a blog, the current theme seems like a little deviation from previous, and I guess, alittle skewed from what I’m (and you) are used to around here. And if you’ve been around here long enough, you would realise that my changes come once in a long while and during this period of change, there could be a couple of changes before I’m satisfied with the look and feel of things around here.

Firstly, the departure from the usual look (many columns, which i will now call ‘distractions’) to the bare minimum i.e. my latest post, in its entirety. Any other ‘bits’ will be available at the bottom of the screen. You hardly scroll there anyways….right? Also, a bit of colour that packs a punch never hurt anyone – except those lying in bed in the dark feverishly playing ‘scramble’ on your phone. So yea, while I will be terribly impressed and honoured that you might be doing just that – reading my blog on your phone in bed in the dark – I’m sure it will probably be more the exception than the rule.

So back to my item for the day – we are now in the proud group of people owning a little piece of the ‘Ferrari’ of photography (as the sales manager put it to me). A very interesting thing that was said to me today….When you are an F1 driver, everyone aspires to drive the Ferrari, even Lewis Hamilton. Not 100% sure if that’s really true, but its always nice to be happily ‘persuaded’ that you are indeed getting your money’s worth when investing in something, even if its the junior member of the product line.


My blood is boiling tonight..leading me to my blog at the wee hour of 12.28am. I was about to go to bed but decided to open a letter from ENRICH (Malaysian Airlines) JUST before going upstairs to sleep. I just had to, didnt I?

The big BLUE coloured cardboard card flashed before my eyes, and, snugly nestled inside it, was a very BLUE Enrich card.

I remembered the day I received my ENRICH Silver card a few years back…it was close to my birthday and I was so very happy about it. Now, the feeling of being DOWNGRADED far exceeds and effectively erases any of the past happiness associated with being UPGRADED from Blue to Silver. In other words, I’m feeling even worse than when I first started with my humble Blue card over 7 years ago. The letter said….

Dear Ms Lim

Thank you for being a valued member of Enrich.

In the past year, we noted that you have commendably accrued a substantial amount of Elite Miles. Unfortunately, the amount of Elite Miles you earned is insufficient to maintain your Enrich Silver membership.

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your travel experiences with Malaysia Airlines, we have reclassified your membership to the Enrich Blue tier and your new membership card is enclosed.


So, my first point would be:

1. I have COMMENDABLY accrued a SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles. So if you already have acquired SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles, it means you need a gazillion of Elite Miles just to maintain the Silver. And btw, thanks for commending me.

2. TO ensure that I continue to enjoy my travel experiences with MAS….they are issuing me with the Blue card. Well firstly, the fact that even though they acknowledge I have accrued a SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles, I’ve been downgraded back to Blue. That bitter pill now ENSURES that I will continue to enjoy my travel experience with MAS? I think not. Yes, indeed I would be quite bitter each time I step foot on MH now.

3. how about all the enrich miles i did not redeem but had expired and been cancelled or gone to waste? Well maybe cos something like 30,000 points only takes you to Singapore and back?

4. Why should I even bother to reach Silver when all they do is downgrade you thereafter. Honestly, this method hardly bring the words “brand’ and “loyalty” to mind.

5. I flew from Taiwan to Tokyo, went to Maldives and also went to Adelaide in less than one year – guess thats not enough to maintain the Enrich Silver. SO what determines an ELITE route? A money making one for MH??

To say I’m incensed is quite an understatement. But sigh…I guess, its just a useless midnight rant from just another flier on MH. I guess it also shows the fact that Mums like me hardly have the opportunity to travel anymore and I dont see this trend changing for the better anytime soon. So as BLUE as I am, I have to accept the fact that…I’m  back to Blue.

And from today onwards, what little bit left of loyalty I had for MH, what with all that bad food, mediocre service, lousy sloping business class seats and their so called hospitality… has gone to the dogs. I will fly SQ every single time I get the chance. Get me my KRISFLYER asap! I’ll even enjoy the annoying layovers at Changi – shopping!

Goodbye Enrich.

The challenge

It is indeed a dangerous thing when attempting to move into a new house with not one but 2 babies on hand!

We have moved! And to say I’m in a great transition in life is an understatement. Of course, in the midst of all this juggling I’m now doing, the ol’ blog takes a back seat.

Tonight there is alittle window of opportunity considering both babies are sleeping and I want to retire for the night before the next dream-feed comes around for our almost-three month old Sofia.

We had a rather good time today at the GP in Sepang, and thanks to a friend we managed for the first time to enjoy the race from a Corporate Suite that overlooked the stretch at the starting line and also the pit lane. They even served beer! Not that I had any. The rain did dampen the mood alittle but we were glad for the early exit (about 15 mins before the race ended) to avoid the traffic. I forgot my camera but hubby had something even better – the Samsung Galaxy Note. The camera on that thing is quite awesome.

So here ends by post – my eyelids are droopy already at 10pm these days.

Til I settle down nicely the posts might be abit hard to come by but I am keeping this blog alive, so do come back and visit.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all my chinese mates and those celebrating the chinese new year.

I cannot believe another chinese new year has come. I wish I was holidaying and making merry with more friends and relatives but this year is an uneventful one and nicely, I wont be partaking in any wine-drinking, beer drinking or anything alcoholic other than having a stiff shot of DOM BENEDICTINE everyday. But I guess I could add water and ice and pretend its one of my favourite brandies. Oh,I forgot, I cannot have any cold drinks til confinement is over, so wipe that off my mind.

Our darling new born is now 2 weeks old. Time to bring out the cameras and snap away at the 2nd week mark. I have to say, the picture taking was not as gregarious as with our firstborn. That what seasoned parents told me. The 2nd and 3rd etc babies dont have as much on print or digitals as the firstborn. As laziness DOES admittedly set in, it reminds me of the equity factor.

We must always be fair between the children and I’m having my first taste of it already.

I once met a lady who breastfeed her first born for 16 months. (My mouth was agape at that number of course..) But more than that, she said, when it came to her second baby, do or die, she made sure she had to breastfeed for 16 months as well. The reason? Because she wouldnt know how to explain to her second baby that she breastfeed her for LESS than the first. Gosh. But i think its more of avoiding a personal guilt trip, rather than having to explain it to the kid.

So here I am, while trying to be as fair as possible to the new baby (she didnt get any new clothes because her elder sister had barely worn the many pieces we had bought the first time) – I did feel a silly twinge of guilt. Poor littke Sofia, wearing hand-me-downs already. But hey, the some of the so-called hand me downs were not even worn more than once! But thanks to Christmas and many well wishers who brought gifts, little Sofia has some new baby clothes – very lovely ones at that! So thank you all our friends and family who gave us pressies.

So here’s to the coming wonderful new year. Chin Chin!











After this long hiatus, you would have surmised that yours truly has indeed given birth and lived to tell the tale.

I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for the miracle of the birth of our baby girl Sofia, who is as beautiful and perfect as I have prayed for. The labour this time was not as smooth as I had hoped (or as the first) and i was plagued with the shivers almost throughout the whole ‘ordeal’ (as I like to call it). The uncontrollable shivers I was told is a normal part of labour which progresses quite quickly, and this time I was spared the long waiting time and it only took me 1.5 hours to have my painful contractions progress from 1 in 20 minutes to 1 in 7 minutes. After which we rushed to the hospital and got admitted. At this juncture I had been told that I was almost ready to give birth as the baby’s head was very ‘low’ and I may not make it for an epidural. It was THEN I started (as if on que) getting the shivers. I was shivering alot so I was worried that something was wrong with me and I pleaded to the Lord. I thought somehow, somewhere in my head, I heard “Peace, child” – I dont know why….and when I heard that, my shivers stopped. And this happened 3 times.

But luckily, when my Obstetrician arrived, he corrected the false call and I was only 3cm dilated, it would be a couple of hours before the pushing action would begin and I could have my epidural quite safely on time (by a trainee Anesthetist!!). I was nervous. Shiver shiver.

But praise the Lord, all was well and good (so far) and the epidural worked like a charm (I was very charming after administration, that is) and it was during the waiting that hubby and I decided on the name for baby. We went through the baby name apps and my hubby settled on Sofia, which meant wisdom and was the most agreeable of options we had and we went for it.

I like to think that the Lord’s angels were around to welcome little Sofia into the world. What a miracle. A miracle of Life, Love and Hope.

Our little darling Sofia - 1 week old

Ronnie’s Big Catch

Here’s a shoddy looking video of what went on this morning – Ron’s big catch! There’s more to the video but it was too much to post.

Warning: Do not watch if you think fishing is cruelty to animals. You may find certain scenes a bit painful to watch.

Windy Maldives

I dont know if its a blessing or not! Its raining every SINGLE day on the island. This afternoon, at 1pm, it was like a hurricane. I even had to take some video footage of it…

We had booked for big game fishing today, and last night we slept early in anticipation for the early wake up call at 6am, and it would be off on the boat at 7am. But alas! At 630am the captain called and said we had to cancel our little boat trip due to bad weather and my poor hubby was so severely disappointed. The sandwiches we ordered for the boat trip, however, was already made, so we had it delivered to our villa whereby we desolately munched on them while watching TV.

But suddenly, at 7.15am, the winds and skies cleared and hubby decided, heck it! Let’s go anyway.

So we called the captain and we were off! It was drizzling, even as we left.

I was like an excited little monkey (I had to video everything!) and I hoped we would catch something because we were told alot of people came back empty handed. The boat had 6 fishing lines and we fished using the trolling method. After about 45 minutes of sailing out to sea, we caught something!! I was on the upper deck, and the boat driver said to me….we caught something big…like the size of me! I was very incredulous AND skeptical.

But yes, it was a huge and gigantic sail fish that was taller than Ronnie!!! We couldn’t believe it!! The captain helped Ronnie reel it in. It was an awesome experience, and we had another couple hours to burn but the seas were rather choppy and I started to go green in the face. I had to semi-lay down. Finally, I had a headache and we had to head back. But thank God we caught something! It made it all worthwhile….

As tall as was Ronnie's catch but I had to take SOME credit for cheering him on!

Qing Ming

I dont know what the fuss is all about. of course, that’s very un-chinese of me. And of course disgustingly un-fillial of me.

Anyway, I just took the opportunity under the Qing Ming (or Ching Beng) season to visit Vernie’s gravesite. Not really a gravesite, more like his body’s final resting place. Of course, I am 100% sure his soul is not hovering about there, just his bones. His soul is having a great time in heaven.

I havent visited Vern’s place for a while now, more than a year. I also missed his last memorial on May 30th, 2010 as I was in Australia. It was last Sunday afternoon I decided to ‘drop in’ all by myself, all alone. I guess that it was a poor day to choose to go to visit – the heat was scorching and among the sweat were the tears.

I found myself tearing already as I parked the car and had to hold them back as I bought some flowers. I guess the grief had slipped away from the surface but remains ensconced within. Its easy to go from day to day not thinking about loved ones who have gone to heaven. Its easy going from day to day doing your ‘own thing’ and not placing any thoughts on God til, say, your bedtime and you make your ‘obligatory’ prayer. Its easy to forget.

There was a lot of chatter and even laughter around me. I was glad we had chosen a less populated area – it felt embarrassing to cry after 2 years. I said some words to Vern – which was silly really, cos he’s not really there. I dont like the photo of him there very much now…it looks very painted and artificial. Not his handsomest.There were some fly away ashes scattered about his place – maybe someone got cremated that day. No, wait thats ridiculous – its probably from the chinese cemetery next door to the Christian one.

As I left the place, I saw another woman sitting by herself. Her eyes were red rimmed and I saw that she was facing a young man (born 1979, departed 2007) – so 4 years later and of course, tears still roll – especially for those who passed on at a young age – here one day, gone the next.

Dont waste your days on earth, do good, make your life count. To my Christian friends – lets try to do more for God.




The world is nearing it’s end?

You must have, by now, heard or read about the devastating tsunami that hit Japan following a quake with its epicentre offshore – 321 miles away from Tokyo. The tsunamis were observed to be 4 meters high following the quake! One of the worst quakes to affect Japan in its history. Its a lazy saturday morning – one I havent had for a while now. As relaxed and excited (both) as I was about this, I was too chilled to blog this morning. And I have to add that ironically, here I was, sitting on my comfortable herman miller chair, in an airconditioned room, drink by my hand….dumbfolded by what I’ve just seen.

I have just viewed one of the many many videos posted or being circulated on facebook via youtube – and what a wake up call for a sleepy Saturday morning. Houses crumbling like matchboxes, fields and meadows being washed by so much water, which seemed as if it was guzzling everything in its path – something like how a tornado would. The waters moved so fast, leaving a trail of debris and fire in its wake – dragging along the occasional fire it made. Vehicles were driving away from the on-coming water as if it was a scene from a movie gone wrong. Cities just wiped out and the worst news is that it may not be the worst quake to hit Japan in the future.

I am very sad for the people in Sendai, Japan – which I found is a coastal city, north of Tokyo, about 300 km’s away. It is very near to the offshore epicenter of the quake. Its not just about having no electricity, food, water – its looks as if its now about life or death. Lets pray for the people of Japan – that babies are not lost, that children aren’t separated from their parents, that people wont get trapped in lifts and buildings, that people dont get burned alive.

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