The making of the Diorissimo Bag

I came across this video online and thought it was very interesting.

Hubby was a peach today – he got me a lovely gift. I think it’s called ‘wifey not able to go for a holiday’ gift. LOL. And it was from the beautiful House of Dior in Tokyo. He told me very conspiratorially that the bag is not sold to just any Tom-Dick-and-Harry (I’m sure it was a well-rehearsed speech by the sales attendant, reserved for a husband on the prowl for a wife’s gift). And I asked him….”What made you so special?”. I literally heard him shrug over the phone – but I could tell the thought never occurred to him – that he was one of the many.

Subsequently, he sent me more pictures of bracelets, dresses and even sunglasses??! I’m sure the Sales Attendant thought she was going to have a field day. How sweet my hubby is in these situations. Thank you my darling Hubby….but just the bag will do…How on earth do you buy sunglasses just by looking at it – in 2 D?!

I cant help but feel that this is going the main thread of things for the next few years at least. I would be home with the kids while hubby traipses the world over, getting me souvenirs from places which I would never go and can only view online – I guess for that I can sheepishly thank Google for its Google Earth. And this reminds me of the blue enrich card situation. Blue….indeed…sob…

But its OK…I can take my lovely new Dior bag to the…er….cant think of a nice occasion other than the odd birthday dinner.I’m still stubbornly purchasing high heel shoes…(its nice to look at) although realistically I wear my Birkies (the same pair mind you) about 50% of the time, 40% of the time in anything which is flat and the other 10% of the time the low heeled work shoe.

I like how a friend of mine (male) puts it. Low ROI for the expensive item you purchase but only use twice. Such as his wife’s KitchenAid mixer. Each cake she made became worth about a thousand dollars. Well, I’m sure we are all somehow guilty of buying something (doesnt have to be expensive) which is left hanging in the closet with the price tag intact – 2 years later (by which time, its fully depreciated!? Good argument). Retail therapy its called. The thrill of the buy. And ownership.

Til my next souvenir.


















Liv tyler for G Star

The beauty

I just did a naughty and bought 3 new pairs of G Star Raw jeans. I can safely consider myself a collector of these jeans (jeans in general) just cos g star stuff are so cool. Unfortunately, they don’t have any outlets in Malaysia (lightbulb moment!) and I have to get them overseas. No worry, they have them in Singapore!

Apart from having really cool stuff, their advertising campaign is as cool, with interesting pictorial ads – with an interesting selection of brand ambassadors. One of my favs being Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton as ambassadors.

Gemma Arterton & Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Unfortunately, I have grown OUT of a couple of pairs of g stars I first bought (when I was young, beautiful and skinny – once upon a time) and while I am stubbornly hanging on to them (taking up wardrobe space), I know that I would prolly never (sigh) ever (sigh) fit into those size 24’s again, ever. I was shocked to find that one of my pre-second-pregnancy jeans could only reach up to my thighs and not an inch higher. Water retention! All water retention (i hope!)

Anyway, it gave me the excuse (and worked as a consolation) that I get to purchase another 3 new pairs of G Stars (they were on promotion!).

So hubby, I have made my case here. No objections!


Proclaimed: Acca Kappa Fan

Thanks to Ms Nellie Belly for introducing me to Acca Kappa and other little luxuries in life, I am now a happy happy patron of Acca Kappa. Gone are my Rm10 pasar malam brushes and those of the SINMA variety – hell, even a impulsive purchase of a nothing-close-to-Acca Kappa paddle brush from a shop in Melbourne didnt do it for me!

Wild Boar Brush - good for shine and scalp blood circulation. Note: Not suitable for Muslims.

Wild Boar Brush - good for shine and scalp blood circulation. Note: Not suitable for Muslims.

I had a great time purchasing and trying these brushes – various types and sizes – at the Acca Kappa boutique in One Utama New Wing (Near La Senza) and the ever helpful boutique manager, Ms Shireen, was very informative – a sincere yet good saleswoman no doubt. The first time I went into this shop, I was very skcptical. What is so good about these brushes? I was brushing non stop for at least half an hour – apologising to Shireen for taking up so much time. Shireen said – Dont worry, almost every customer that comes in here can’t stop brushing their hair!

After the first paddle brush purchase (mini sized, great for travelling) – I was hooked. Its volumising, gentle to your hair and goes through knots and tangles pretty painlessly. Apparently it is handmade in Italy.

Today I went to Acca Kappa – and ended up with another brush (round bristle brush), cotton toothbrush, back scrub brush and a whole heap of other things, including a soft as silk Coral body sponge. I kept muttering to myself as I picked up more and more stuff – “I’m terrible, terrible….” But then again, these quality products will probably see me well into my 30’s so I’m pretty sure they’re good investment. OK, enough gushing for one night…Step into a Acca Kappa shop and try a brush today!

The Lab and the lab rat!

Now u see it, now u dont! How handsome is my Pot now?

Now u see it, now u dont! How handsome is my Pot now?

I guess I owe it to my Pot that I should post a pic of him obediently sitting in the maestro’s chair while his long locks were being literally chopped away, by none other than our fav hairstylist Mr Ken Hwang from the Lab (Sri Hartamas)….who rather unsuccessfully tried to hide his shock at the length of Ronnie’s hair – he is a very polite chap….

Abit more on Ken – we like his style and he is someone u feel u can trust. he knows exactly HOW to CUT my FRINGE!  Dont underestimate the Fringe! It takes a good stylish to know how it grows, which way it should be, the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. I have been on the constant look out for a great stylist all my life. The Lab is on the same row as Uncle Don. It would be selfish of us to keep him all to ourselves, wouldnt it?


I’m very excited because my 2nd batch of designer inspired dresses have arrived! As you may say, its Fresh from the Oven and they are great stuff – great quality and rare finds.

Visit my clothes blog at or use the side bar’s link. I’m sure you wont be disappointed. Guys, sorry no Homme stuff yet. But get your girlfriends/wives/sisters to visit my site, K?

I prolly need to apologise over the bad quality pics! The real stuff are worth the feel and touch.

Let me know what you think yea?

Project updates

I’ve finally updated MyThreads ( with pictures of the breezy summer dresses as promised, so have a look see when you can.

Also, I’ve got a label for the garments now – each label painsakingly made with tender lovin’ care….

Threads threads threads and more threads!

Threads threads threads and more threads!

Dr FeelGood

Oh the joys of finding a wonderful product…!

My mate Cat (Singapore) recently dragged me to a Benefit make up counter in CK Tangs Singapore and said…Babe, have you tried this? This is super good.  She proceeded to pick and choose all the samples of wonderful Benefit products and was fighting to speak with the sales promoter.

I was abit of a ninny, and i was like…whats this? whats that?

Finally, i walked away with SGD200 of products equivalent to only 3 items….

1. Dr Feelgood

2. Firmalogy

3. Finisher (like loose powder but in pinkish tones and light reflectors)

The best pick (so far) was Dr Feelgood. This is something different which you dont find in any usual make up brand. Its looks like Zambuk, texture is like wax, smells great when you put it on, and PLUS ensures that Matte look all day! I was skeptical, but tried and tested, this is GREAT.

Amptly named - is it psychological? I really feelgood when I put this on.

Amptly named - is it psychological? I really feelgood when I put this on.

Dr FeelGood - benefits!

Dr FeelGood - benefits!

With No. 2 “Firmalogy” – Sigh, as age would have it….creeping up to 30 has its downsides. When I told Cat and the Sales Promoter at Benefit I dont use any anti-ageing products…they both gasped as the same time and simultaneously said “How Cannnnnn???” So i ended up with Firmalogy which is like a light cream/serum where you massage onto your face and neck in upward motions. It absorbs really quick and is NOT oily at all! For this one I’d prolly have to go through another 10 tubes before i can tell you if it works….

Firmalogy - can't tell if it works thus far but i'm liking the texture

Firmalogy - can't tell if it works yet...but texture is great and the skin absorbs it with no trace

No 3. Not much comments about the finisher. It’s in a travel friendly cute box and comes with a mini powder brush. It can also double up as a blusher. Its great on the go.






My lucky brother just got a pair of Adidas Stan Smith 2 sneakers today for his 25th from Ron and I. It’s pretty cool, although the same Stan Smith 2.5 is already for sale. As we Malaysians don’t always see the full range of Adidas footware, he would have to make do with version 2 and not 2.5

Adidas has plenty of cool collaborators for footwear and clothings, and my favourites would be Stella McCartney’s and Y-3 (by Yohji Yamamoto). Actually all Y-3 stuff are very cool but looks like its mostly suitable if you are on the skinnier side (for guys). I havent seen any of these in KL, but they are possibly available in Pavillion or Mid Valley’s The Gardens, I’ve yet to check them out. These designer Adidas items are not cheap, hard to find and costs an arm or a leg – but is a very very far cry from the regular Adidas line.

The adidas official website showcases Y-3 stuff, and the website design is really funky


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