Hello all…..such a cheery greeting to my long lost readers. You must have thought I’ve hung up my blogging hat judging from the sad inactivity on my blog. Well you guys are still visiting and thank you for stopping by!

I’m always guilty of explaining my (lack of) appearances and after a dreary long time away from putting up posts, I guess I have a mega explanation to make.

Lets just say that time at the moment is of the essence. Time, at the moment, is not so much a friend as is a tester – a tester of how good I really am at ‘managing’ it. A few weeks of abnormal heart palpitations later, I find that I am learning to prioritise abit more, learning to let go abit more, and learning how to look at things without giving myself too much stress.

My kids are such a big part of life at the moment – I’d like to remind all you readers out there who are also parents ….whether parents of young babies, children or teenagers etc…that every moment spent with your child is an investment. Every quality moment spent, is more of something they will ever remember – as opposed to ferrying them to and from school activities, gymboree, music, dance class or whatever that these generation of toddlers go to.

While I tell myself these things, its also so important to consistently develop yourself, Mummies. A happy mummy = a happy daddy. A happy mummy and daddy brings forth happy and wonderful offspring. Why consistently develop yourselves? A child looks up to his or her Mum and Dad. Whether they admit to it or not. What Mummy learns (it could be music, reading, singing, sports, language) – the child benefits. It is passed down to your children, and you CAN and WILL inspire them. I feel its such an important part of nurturing them.

So Mummies (and Daddies), your life doenst have to stop here. Dont deny yourselves 100% just to look after your kids. Spend a little time of your own for personal and self-growth. Have you been inspired lately? Do you feel as if life has stagnated and there is nothing much left but pampers, bathing, feeding, educating, playing and sickening reruns on the Disney Channel or Cartoon Network? Stop here and write down your dreams and ambitions. Take one day at a time. 10 minutes a day can produce wonders.

Take care of yourselves Mummies. Your health is your children’s wealth.









The challenge

It is indeed a dangerous thing when attempting to move into a new house with not one but 2 babies on hand!

We have moved! And to say I’m in a great transition in life is an understatement. Of course, in the midst of all this juggling I’m now doing, the ol’ blog takes a back seat.

Tonight there is alittle window of opportunity considering both babies are sleeping and I want to retire for the night before the next dream-feed comes around for our almost-three month old Sofia.

We had a rather good time today at the GP in Sepang, and thanks to a friend we managed for the first time to enjoy the race from a Corporate Suite that overlooked the stretch at the starting line and also the pit lane. They even served beer! Not that I had any. The rain did dampen the mood alittle but we were glad for the early exit (about 15 mins before the race ended) to avoid the traffic. I forgot my camera but hubby had something even better – the Samsung Galaxy Note. The camera on that thing is quite awesome.

So here ends by post – my eyelids are droopy already at 10pm these days.

Til I settle down nicely the posts might be abit hard to come by but I am keeping this blog alive, so do come back and visit.


tick tock

My determination to exercise and lose weight as per last post – has somewhat dwindled. I weighed myself today and found I had dropped a kilo since last couple of weeks. I thought to myself…where did it go? Could it be water retention? Anyway, I still try to do some pelvic tilts while watching TV but my little daughter lies down next to me to imitate me, so I stop cos she rolls every which way. For the average person out there, you might think the words ‘pelvic tilt’ has some erotic connotations but those IN the KNOW, like yours truly….knows its anything but! Its to exercise and strengthen the muscle ‘belt’ that holds my middle together. The muscle belt stretches during pregnancy (you think?!) and splits in the middle. It needs alittle help getting ‘joined’ back together (near the belly button area) so that it doesnt affect my back muscles. Oh the woes of a pregnant woman!

recently, I have been thinking very much about the ‘expiry’ date of a woman. We reach menopause at around the average age of 52 (I just learnt) but some poor women get it early. And the effects of menopause – well, let me sum it up as “ceasing to be much of a woman” – in my own words. While a man ages like fine wine (they say) a woman just AGES.

Here are some of the symptoms of menopause:- (

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • mood swings
  • declining libido
  • weight gain
  • headaches
  • changes in hair quality
  • lack of energy
  • aging skin
  • depression
  • incontinence
  • irregular periods
  • breast tenderness
  • fatigue

So how does a woman remain beautiful, young(ish) and attractive to her partner when ageing? (its not JUST wrinkles and sagging skin we need to contend with, oh no).  When I have the answer to that, I’ll post it on my blog in BOLD.

For now, I’m just a ticking time bomb. I have to remind myself – I might be 20 years away from turning 52, so from now til then….I want to enjoy and celebrate my feminity (while I still have it!) So bring it on, salon hairdos, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments and spas, gorgeous clothing, sexy heels, coloured hair (i’m tired already!). lets face it, being well groomed and coiffed most of the time takes a magnanimous effort. Which is prolly why my hubby declared he is glad to be a man.

So the next question – how to manage all this while being a mum with 2 kids under 2 years? How do you manage that while ensuring you spend quality time with the children, manage the household, keeping abreast with world trends/topics/issues, baking, cooking, organising home comforts, blogging, alittle socialising with friends and being a great and wonderful company to your hubby?

When I have the answer to that, I will be writing my first book and making it a bestseller and becoming a millionaire or something. Til then….I’ll need to postone the mani’s, pedi’s and put on the ‘housewife’.

Exercise – healthy body healthy mind….or was it vice versa?

Even I was alittle shocked this time at how long I havent blogged. 10 days! So ‘times’ are bad then….no one ever said motherhood was easy…

Finally, when I found the time to blog (alittle window of opportunity when both babies are in bed and my other necessary duties have been done – such as bathing or eating) I had to take a few seconds to remember my wordpress user name and password. And they say lack of use of the brain is linked to having memory loss problems toward the later part of your life.

So I have grand plans to do something that requires major use of my brain brawn – learning a new language. It will be a great 2012 challenge for me. That, and exercising. I have decided to put a stop to my laziness and start utilising those muscles! Hubby insists that I have no muscle mass at all! So it’s sheer adrenalin and my metabolism keeping me thin, is it? Even that is giving way. I weighed myself and found I havent been shedding the kilo’s as fast as my first post-pregnancy period. *think think worry worry*. Sucking in my tummy requires even more energy these days. As a start, I have been doing some little stretching exercises while blow-drying my hair and after baby’s nappy change. Nothing drastic, just some squats and bends. (Stop rolling your eyes, Ronnie Lim!)

Our little Jade is growing up before our very eyes. We will be starting her in Day care soon and I think as with every new parent, you get alittle nervous (kiasu and paranoid parents, hands up!) and we went in for the day care site survey with a critical eye. Once you get over the mess of the sand box which the kids play with outdoors, inside its better. When asked how do they get cleaned after playing with the sand outdoors, the answer was “Oh, we just brush them off”. Gasp.

Anyway, no point being the clean-nazi – our kid has to get dirty learning new things, so be it! Just don’t catch the flu from anyone my poor baby! Or get pinched or bitten by other kiddos. Now i’d best ensure that my little one does go pinching, grabbing or biting other children! I’m going to watch you like a hawk on your first week, Jade Jade!

Way below perfection

You may have noticed in my last post that the picture has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of the post. LOL. No, it doesnt. I was just trying out the new theme design, just FYI.

After everyone has left for the night

Last night was the full moon party for our little Sofia. Thank you to all our friends who were present to celebrate the night with us (apologies, it was a school night) but that didnt really curb the flow of alco, did it?

Of course yours truly is still in confinement and obediently did not drink a drop of alco. Somehow, being tipsy around the kids doesnt sound at all tantalising and has a very off-putting effect. And the critical, judgemental what-kind-of-mother-are-you eye from some people wont do anything for my character either….

Its that motherhood thing again. I have been finding that its really the greatest joy that the Lord has blessed us with two beautiful babies, but it aint a walk in the park. I sometimes even (God forbid!) have sickened thoughts about ‘what my life used to be’ and ‘where has my life gone’?? And then I berate myself heavily and feel like the worst mother in the world. But I realise that motherhood isnt just about trying to be the best mother (and wife – dont forget that other role!) in the universe, but still a process of finding yourself, your balance and being able to improve yourself. A mother is still human, still makes mistakes and I think its important that someone like me (and you) would recognise that. That being a mother doenst mean you have to be perfect.

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