The kiasu parent strikes again

The Shichida Method….the epitome of the kiasu parent.

I have been advised by many a mummies to send my kiddo to The Shichida Method classes. And like any other kiasu parent (wait! Its not being kiasu, its all about wanting the best for your child?!!!) I put Jade into the 6 month wait list. Finally, she got into a class. Last week was the first class…and Mummy was late – I was late for the early, I mean. Being the two time mummy I am, getting to somewhere on time takes herculean effort and plenty of God’s blessings. So I was ON TIME but not early (as I should have been). So of course, I was in abit of a chaotic mood when I arrived at class, with my 3 month old Sofia and my domestic helper in tow.

Jade and Mummy (little did she realise she, Mummy, was also going to be a student once again), entered class. I was rather taken aback at the seriousness of the teacher and the lesson.My poor little baby, her playful innocence was forced to a rather painful stop for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes she cried because she thought Mummy was going to leave her there. Once she was sure I wasnt leaving (mummy’s captive too, ya know) she started paying attention to the teacher.  After 30 minutes, she was roaming the classroom, and refusing to participate in the activities.N No, Mummy, plug points and window blinds are much more exciting than picture activities.

Mummy’s mouth had gone dry after the 1 hour of coaxing her to take an interest, but its OK…all for the FULL utilisation and stimulation of my daughter’s TOTAL brain capacity for the 1 hour. This method is thorough. Its fast. Its not for the faint hearted and not for the flat out mummy. It requires a real dedication on the part of the parent. Patience is just the one requirement. Mummy’s gone alittle crossed eyed after staring at super fast flash-carding, but all for my daughter’s brain stimulation…worth it…worth it…(i keep telling myself)….*sweat sweat thirsty thirsty*

After class I realised that I had not one, but TWO kids now. And I have to endure 2 times of these lessons per week AND conduct DAILY home’work’ for the kids. Faint.

All in a day’s work for the kiasu parent. Wonder how long I can last.


Sleep techniques

These days if I dont end up tired by the end of the night which is usually 10pm (thats after I put Jade to bed), I would feel a little out of place.

Putting Jade to sleep every night now I think its easier than before (I THINK). She has just graduated from the “sarung” to rolling around, singing to herself, playing with her pacifier, patting my face, kicking her feet and sometimes clapping her hands before she finally drifts off to sleep on our bed. Mummy has to lie next to her, singing her favourite lullabies and finally when I’m exhausted, the songs become a tuneless hum.

On a good day (when she is really exhausted) she goes to sleep in a record 15 minutes. On a bad day, Mummy lies next to her, singing (or croaking, rather) into oblivion her favourite bedtime songs (until my voice grows coarse) for a full hour before she decides to finally stay still and fall asleep. But the usual clocked time is about 30 – 35 minutes.

And by the time I get out of bed, my back is literally creaking from lying in a certain position for too long. Because I make sure the room is pitch dark (it gives her brain signals that its sleep time), I sometimes get socked in the face from her – the cheekbone is a real favourite too and tonight, it was a poke in the eye. The real collateral damage, though, is when she decides to head butt my face. Praise God she hasnt broken my nose just yet.

But to me, it’s been a real pleasure (mostly) and its lovely to hear her singing and baby-talk to herself in the dark. It warms the heart, lifts the spirits and I always thank the Lord for this miracle of having her.

My angel

World of the walking toddler

Our Jade is at the cusp of being a real tyrant, a real tornado tearing through the house. Yes, she finally walked. And everything at eye level is hers for the taking, messing, destroying and mine for the cleaning. I’m not sure if all that bending and couching is good for a 7 month pregnant clumsy old dinosaur like me!

Since our little darling walked late, we were alittle worried about her only walking around the 15th month. She was adamant that crawling was ‘her thang’ and she did it perfectly – it was a very efficient mode of transportation for her. But now that she’s ‘found her legs’ and the freedom that comes with it, there is no stopping her and a whole wealth of new things to touch and feel has just trebled. And the worst part of it all is that everything she sees, she puts in her mouth.

I have read that that is a toddler’s way of discovering and learning – but its a close call (and I still scream) when she sees a stray house millipede on the floor and its going straight to her mouth! Its like the scene goes into slow motion and pregnant mother screams, makes a football dive and grabs the ‘pede’ from the toddler at just at the last minute, wipes her brow, and chastises the little girl Malaysian style – ‘AIYA YOU ah!’ Phew, mother saves the day but gets a crack in the back, and walks off, limping….but hey, mother’s a hero, saves the day…

Spending this much time literally 24/7 with little Jade made me realise that I havent spent enough time with her. Previously, spending time with her meant half a day out, or a couple of hours with her and her toys in front of the tv and half an hour of flash cards/learning/books.

Now, spending 24/7 with a high energy toddler is enough to make any sane mother go alittle mad. Of course, its great to have a nice long nap during the day when she finally exhausts herself and falls asleep for a couple of hours. Then its the hefty decision I have to make – should I make a poo or go to sleep like RIGHT NOW!!!

I dive into bed.


Its a really, really, really relaxing holiday for me. Excellent! Sleep as much as I want, do as much (or as little) as I want and…I’m sure its mostly the same for all of us non-malays who are just ‘lepaking’.

I wish I could say that I did something great for mankind (no matter how small) but spending time with Jadey poo and balancing the pregnancy tired-ness was order of the week. So yes, I was abit selfish this week, with respect to mankind, that is. Jade and I went out shopping rather aimlessly (what a luxury) for once and I was actually off the PC for a total of 4 days in a row! (Not including the faithful ipad, of course). While hubby is away the whole week (boo!) I was secretly using his ipad2. Oh so smooth!

Bad image quality using the Blackberry. Jade and Mummy at dim sum.

Jade is growing so fast…she wrote on the doodle board for the first time yesterday (ok, so a couple of squiggy lines) – I guess I could call that respectfully as ‘drawing’ instead. What a talented little girl God has blessed me with!! HEHEHE! She is only 13 mths but turning into a real copy cat. She laughs when everyone around is laughing (talk about peer pressure) and learns things quite fast. I think this is the end of my ‘parental holiday’ and now we have to watch what we say and do around her.

Its a good thing I became a Christian and omitted all bad words and foul language from my vocab for the past couple of years. I never was very foul mouthed to start with but here and there, I’d let something ‘slip’ and not feel guilty about it.

Jade’s doing abit of a slow-mo and she’s not ‘walking’ on her own yet. She can do a gallant cross hurdle diagonally across her playpen without holding on to the sides (but she doesnt know it). So she’s got abit of a confidence problem with walking on her own – maybe its got to do with mastering her balancing skills.

Being a mum is really rewarding (minus the sleepness nights and badddd back). til the next Jadey milestone…

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday to Jadey poo, our girl has turned ONE! What a milestone…Thank you everyone that came to Jadey’s first year bash….she didnt make much appearances throughout the whole party (like a real diva…) so here she is…admiring her mountain of pressies!

WOW, look at all that! Thank you Aunty and Uncles....Jadey kiss kiss!

Hmm...cant decide...which one to open first, Mummy...

Today Jadey had her inaugural first haircut! Yay and clap clap hands! But she cried throughout the whole ‘ordeal’ as if someone was going to snip her head off instead of JUST the fringe….I once had the ‘pleasure’ of hearing a kid’s screams during a visit to (another different) hairsalon in Mid Valley once. And I thought…poor mother of that child….and today…I was the poor mother of THAT child…Dont blame me if you see Jadey and her fringe looks alittle rat-bitten. She used up about half a box of tissues at the salon…all those tears could fill up a bowl. Even the old ‘let her hold my handphone’ trick didnt work.

And Mummy’s heart was squeezed a few times when the hair stylist had to snip snip really quickly while she protested….finally, to end the whole affair we had to hold her head while he finished the job while she was bawling.

After the torturous 15 minutes, she finally stopped crying and even waved ‘bye bye’ to the salon staff while Mummy made a quick exit! Didnt want to push it and ask for a ‘flying kiss’ though….

Til the next monumental Jade Jade milestone….






Oh the melodrama of it all…you’d better be made of $$$ nowadays if you want your kid to be ‘ahead’ of the game!

So last week was the first and inaugural play class for little Jade. I have to say that I have had LESS physical action at the gym (was it 5 years or 8 years ago that I last stepped into a gym?). It was with some parent-ly excitement (on behalf of Jade Jade) that I approached class last week. A first time for Jade is a first time for me! The class was less than 1 hour and there were about 10 other kids coupled with a parent (or sometimes, older sister etc). Most of them were aged between 6 to 10 months and I think Jade was one of the youngest for this class. In infant terms, 1 – 2 months makes her a “Jie Jie” or “Mei Mei”, so yes, its worth mentioning.Well when they said PLAY, they really meant huffing and puffing, making Mummy red in the face and then white in the face after over 30 mins of carrying, swinging, bouncing, singing, clapping and talking to baby.

Jade was very good, not a single tear, not a peep of irritation – but she wasnt really laughing either. First thing, I guess the experience was too new to her and seeing that many of her peers in on room, at one time, must have been a sight indeed. Seeing Mummy red in the face from over-exertion was the second thing.

Which brings me to the parent-kiasu game we all play in the 21st century. Admit it! We all want our kids the first head start in everything – oh, especially the part where we MUST stimulate not just the RIGHT side of the brain but the LEFT side as well. And on top of that, we MUST ensure that they are physically fit too! This Mummy believes her baby (as all other babies do) has the potential in her to start reading by the age of 18 months and doing math too. The Daddy thinks she should be a great swimmer by then.

You must be thinking – poor mechanical baby!

Well, she has her fair share of watching reruns of old Mickey Mouse cartoons on top of all that Baby Einstein. And, I am from the camp that believes, the sooner you teach them, the more you teach them, the better they become. I think it just makes common sense. From what I read, a baby’s brain is capable of doing something just slightly short of what a computer can – so there you go – it should absorb heaps of things like a very dry sponge would. They crave new information, all they DO is learn!

So teach YOUR baby something new, every single day.











Its like welcoming back a long lost friend – a friend whom I affectionately call…my blog!

With what I call the insufficient hours in a day syndrome – finding time to blog is like having to make a big decision between giving up sitting-on-potty time or some precious nap time while Baby is sleeping. And to top it all off, I realised today that my baby might be teething. Back to for some much needed advice on teething. The fact that baby is running a low temp fever is giving ME a fever.

So here is my obligatory apology and reason for my lack of making an imprint in cyberspace. This calls for some make-up pictures! Pics of cutie baby Jade!

Baby cheeky

Tis the season to be jolly. With Christmas round the corner (and my hubby’s birthday! – the significant big three-o) the pace of the year end slows down. Its like releasing the air to deflate a balloon, dont you think? The hype of the whole financial year (pressure was on starting post Chinese New year, of course) and letting off steam during the last weeks of 2010 and the start of 2011.

Hubby and I are taking a week off to gallivant in Japan this year during snow time – doesnt the sound of ‘sinking and soaking into a hot spring in the dead of Japanese winter’ sound good to you? I have heard stories of how ‘un-shy’ some ladies have to get when getting their kit off for that unglamorous run and dip into the hot bath (little hand-sized washcloth covering my bits with a death grip comes to mind! Hmm, should I cover my boobs first, down under or my stretchmarks – big decision!!)

Dinner time unfortunately – blog post has to be cut short! I shall leave you with a funny pic of Jade Jade….she’s just like her daddy….

Hmmm, I can't decide - am I hungry or not?


Baby’s new toy

Hi all, the busy bee has returned to her blogging nest. Its been a ‘holiday’ away from my blog post 30th birthday but the time did not go without being eventful. Baby is learning new tricks almost daily and recently she can smile and respond to you when you talk to her. Of course we all baby talk to her (looking and sounding terribly silly at times) but her smile is all worth it!

I recently spent a pretty penny on this:

The Bouncy Bouncy we nicknamed it

Its the Baby Bjorn Air Balance – airy indeed for hot countries, such as ours, and it has a harness and a seat for little baby. The selling point is that it can be used until the baby is two years old but we’re not sure how to keep baby happily in it past 5 months!

So far the bouncer is worth all the pretty pennies i spent cos Jade loves being in it (read: lays in it for over 1 hour without getting annoyed) and its pretty self entertaining. Her hand and leg movements subtly shake the bouncer on its own (while she is watching tv). Yes she is starting young but she isnt old enough to develop addictions yet (i hope!)

Its also great if you are a home alone mum and need something and somewhere to put the baby (read: bathroom) when you need to take a shower and dont want to leave baby unsupervised. TING TING! Genius!


Brave little Jade

Oh – sakit hati-nya!

Poor little baby Jade went for her first immunisation session today. No it wasnt just one little pin prick, it was 2 jabs (left AND right thigh) and also one oral medication – THE appetiser.

It is, of course something that happens everyday, multiple times per day – hardly an event for those nurses. So they were exceptionally professional (read: quick, no frills) although they did the usual rounds of cooing at the cuteness of the baby etc etc. Two of them in blue uniform.

So baby was told to remove pants as the jabs would be going into those two little thighs. Baby was extremely good, even happy. I was told to put her sitting on my lap, sitting up. First, the oral vaccine for (Rotavirus) went into the mouth – baby spat abit out, and the rest was squirted in easily enough.

Then one of the nurses asked me casually “Are you breastfeeding?”

I thought it has something to do with the affect on the vaccines (silly of me, now I think) and I realised – so as the nurses flanked us on the right and left, I started to get nervous as if I was the one getting the jabs (I was told to hold baby’s hands) and I asked the nurses “Is she going to cry?”

The nurses smiled “All babies do” and Prick! In went the two jabs simultaneously, with such swiftness and precision. Poor baby, she didnt realise it at first but when they removed the needles, baby ‘s face crinkled up in (can I describe it as pain) PAIN and her face turned super red and her expression was that of a baby going to have a big screaming fit, but instead her cries came out weak. Very much unlike the unrepentant cries when she wants milk. Poor baby.

She was pacified under 1 minute and she relaxed and we waited for 10 minutes at the waiting area as advised. If she was fine within those 10 minutes, we were good to go. And praise God everything was fine. She ran alittle temperature awhile after but we zapped it with some infant panadol drops. Such a good little girl! Until the next immunisation in 2 months time….

Oral care rabbit

Saw this innneresting little device (ok, so its not a real device, just abit of tailoring + terry cloth) for baby’s oral care. The things people come up with nowadays!

The oral care bunny

Put two fingers into the top portion and voila! For tooth-less babies, gum care, tongue care, and with built in entertainment (bunny face) to boot!

So its a silly luxury, but I thought it was funky – and the thing sold itself well – to promote tooth brushing routines early in babies. All the things that poor little innocent babies have to learn.

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