When is the stork coming?

Whats worse than going into labour?

Answer: Not knowing when you are going into labour – especially when you’ve gone past that eagerly awaited (with half-dread) due date.

Last night at 9.15pm, chubby hubby and I managed to catch what I thought was the last date movie would have for a while – to watch my all time favourite male actor Mr Dicaprio in Inception. Luckily, nothing happened during the movie (no waters breaking, no contractions as I had feared) so it was an enjoyable 2 hours we spent in the cinema. Quite an enjoyable movie, at least it gets you thinking after the show ends.

So I’m not 1 day overdue. I thought the full moon would do it’s job last night and help matters along, but NO, all I had were false contractions last night from 2.30am til 6.30am – whereby I had crampiness in my lower abdomen and I thought SURELY this is it! It came every 15 minutes – much more regular and more painful than the Braxton Hicks contractions (painless) that I have been getting. The baby danced away between 2.30- 4.45am the poor thing must have been feeling harassed inside.

But at 6.30am, I had fallen asleep and my pregnancy bible “What to expect” says that if you can fall asleep, chances are, those arent real contractions. And slept I did – after 4 hours of clock (handphone) watching.

Now for another dreaded long night tonight ahead and OH I’m tired of waiting. At least I may get the chance to go out and eat DIM SUM tomorrow for lunch. Thats if nothing happens tonight!


The eve

I havent blogged for a couple of days now – you may be wondering if I’m already in the hospital heaving and pushing for dear life but no – me still here, still pregnant, still waiting.

Today is the eve of my due date – and hardly any sign that our little one is coming today OR tomorrow. My chubby hubby claims tonight is THE night because there’s going to be a full moon tonight according to the Moon Charts. He even got me on the balcony of the house last night to look at the bigness and brightness of the moon. Of course, the theory has got to do with gravity or something or rather, I guess, but of course I laughed it off – SILLY!

My mother in law has offered to make any food I like to eat during the next couple of days because once I’m in confinement (that despicable word makes me cringe) – I wont be eating anything fancy other than food made with (as I understand it) rice and ginger wine with NO SALT as I was reminded by the confinement lady. I dont know if this is the norm but I would hate to be on the extreme side of the confinement tradition. Any point in it, other than to contribute to inklings of post-natal-blues?

So for the fact that

1. I’m not supposed to wash my hair or shower

2. Read books (because it will SPOIL my eyes, OMG)

3. Go outside and “chui fung”

4. Eat unsalted food

….for 30 days, including not sleeping in my own bed, having uterus contraction pains, breast pains, pains in the privates and tackling mid night feeds with baby – I just have this feeling I’m not going to be a very cheerful person. My only hope is that God will be there to keep my mind sane, cool and far from depressive thoughts. So I’m cherishing my last few days being pregnant – at least I can still eat what I want and do what I want – prolly along the same lines as what Lindsay Lohan was doing before she went to jail.

However, waiting for baby to come with my tummy this big isnt a walk in the park either. Braxton Hicks contractions are still in full swing and frequent (making me go to the toilet often), I get headaches at night and my joints are aching from the loosening for the preparation of labour.

So tonight I have got Nasi Briyani to eat, with Pappadums, Rendang and Curries (I can smell them from here) – after all, I don’t know when I will taste anything in my confinement food in the next 30 days. Chubby hubby and I have made out a list of food we want to eat when we get back to KL (and not in the following order):

1. Yakiniku and stuff at Munakata

2. Kayu Nasi Kandar

3. Roti Pisang

4. Nasi Lemak

5. Dae Sa Kwan korean (esp the Kimchi Jigae!)

6. O&S Har mee

7. Char Koay Teow SS2

8. Pork Ball Noodle

9. Kwan Loh Mee (at the following place)

10. Meng Kee Char Siew Chicken rice

I do have random thoughts of eating BAK CHANG, all kinds of Nyonya Kueh, Yong Tau Foo, Goreng Pisang, fried Lobak, Roti Jala and ALLLLL the other food we take for granted when we are in Malaysia.

So if you might wonder what a very pregnant, waiting-for-labour woman’s thoughts are….its past glory days and glory days to come after labour! But first, I have to PUSH!!!

Baby talk

If my blog these days resemble a babycentre forum or bulletin board, do excuse me!

But I guess it is a major life changing event for me and I’m just riding through it with the help of my sound board here (made worse by the fact that hubby is away). Thank God I have not popped earlier than the due date – hubs is only due back with me tomorrow morning – I think the coast is clear and he should make it on time – unless I suddenly go into labour in the next 1 hour. I am doing ALLLLL I can not to stimulate the birth: not to much walking, not too much belly rubbing etc etc. Every little nudge makes my heart palpitate abit…especially when I am in my REM sleep mode.

So I’m stuck with continuous episodes of “The Little Nyonya” to fill up my time. A great effort, I must say, from Mediacorp, Singapore. The actors are wonderfully well groomed, handsome and pretty. All with porcelain complexions and lovely nyonya kebaya costumes.

Image from the internet

“The Little Nyonya” achieved extremely high ratings, with an average of 934,000 viewers during its 34-episode run, and peaking at 1.67 million viewers (33.8%) on the last episode. This series has recorded the highest viewership rating ever since 1994″ – WIKIPEDIA

I wouldnt say that the series is a fantastic one but I do applaud the effort! Keeps me company on long nights without hubs – I can’t complain.

Another 5 days til my due date! Its like an event you look forward to, yet feels like doomsday. Do you know what I mean?

A few of my friends have called the process of labour (amid other comforting words) – ‘quite a traumatic experience’. Other friends sail through it without much comment on the pain part and some have very mild words to say:….

“Dont worry, the pain is manageable”

“Its a positive pain!”

“Its just contractions, dont think of it as pain”

“You need the contractions to help deliver the baby”

“You can do it without epidural if our other friends can!”

“Our mothers all went through it, if not, YOU wouldn’t be here”

“You’ll forget about it the moment its over, and wish for another baby in the next 24 hours!”

“The easy part is the labour, the hard part is taking care of the baby!”

“It felt like one big poo and being the most constipated in your life”

“It will be alllllll worth it”

“It only takes about 8-12 days to recover from the stitches in your privates”

8-12 days!!! Could I take a sleep pill that only wakes me up after 8-12 days?

The Capsule is in

As a continuation to the baby capsule saga (how interesting! you comment drily) – we finally got the car seat fitted in – in the infamous bright orange colour, unfortunately. My hubby liked the colour – he was pleased with it – he must be channeling his inner Jackson Pollock and not inner Audrey Hepburn (oh well!).

The baby shop we went to called Baby Junction near here assisted us, rather taught us how to fit the seat in under 10 minutes. They say the safest position is rear facing, in the centre of the car so as to avoid any side impact upon (touch wood) any collision from the sides.

Ron and I aren’t used to having babies in our lifes (yet – but that is quickly changing with the amount of baby stuff piling up at home) and I find the car seat to be absolutely monstrous in size and it takes up a fair bit of backseat room (and that colour screams I’M HERE!). Suffice to say the two people sitting at the back (to the left and right of the car seat) won’t be in the prime of comforts. If you had a smaller car, it would be harder and if your car only had 2 doors….welll……..since Ron’s car only has 2 doors, we had fitted this into my poor Mum-in-law’s car instead. You can quickly see who will be the Queen of the household soon….

The baby capsule fitted in the car

And the baby will be safely nestled within the capsule, belted up

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but this capsule only takes babies up to about 6 months old and it is the law in Australia that you can only transport a baby in the car with a carseat. You can’t take your baby home from the hospital without one. However, there are rented ones available but they look a grimy plasticky gray colour – abit depressing, really.

Well, another thing that came today is our new Valco rocking armchair (even comes with an ottoman that rocks too!) that we saw at Baby Junction. My chubby hubby was so impressed with it – this will be a great chair for rocking the baby or breastfeeding and it was alot cheaper than his dream chair, a La-Z-boy. (Anyway, I’m sure his ulterior motive is to sit in it while watching multiple episodes of Entourage or while playing Final Fantasy – I’m not dumb).

Of course we didnt get it in WHITE - are you mad???

Today is the first day that hubby is away overseas on business out of 5 days. I am holding the baby in until he gets back!


39 weeks and ticking.

I feel as if this waiting for baby is all I can think of, all I can talk about. I have dreams about it. Last night I dreamt I had given birth (minus the labour part) and the baby was in the crib. Try as I might, I didnt see a single resemblance of the baby to hubby OR me, and I told the confinement lady that. Finally, I looked down at my tummy and noticed, HEY, I’M STILL PREGNANT! THIS IS NOT MY BABY! in the dream. Hilarious, right?

Another 8 days to go people, and every day (in intervals of minutes) I’m keeping an ‘eye’ out for any of the signs of pre-labour. Its like Donkey saying to Shrek “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

For instance, earlier today I told hubby – I’m feeling some crampiness in my abdomen. They say it starts with some menstrual cramp feeling. I had it for about 5 minutes and told him – Hey! Really-lah, its not going away!

I went to the toilet, did a pee and came back – the feeling was gone. Oh well!

I asked hubby today…can we go for a honeymoon after the baby comes? like to the beach or something??? pretty please?

Ron says in mock horror…but Darling! what about your stretch marks?? (I have been noticing an increase of this lately and he has heard the fair share of complaints about it from me…)

I rolled my eyes and said I can wear a one piece suit, duh! (but I guess I would still have to ‘suck it in’)

Then I realise that it may be a good 9 months (hopefully not 9 years and two tummy tucks) that I can frolic around in a bikini ever again. Heidi Klum is my motivator and inspiration! She can model in Victoria Secret lingerie 2 months after giving birth and she’s had 4 ((FOUR!!!) kids.

Pregnancy update

As the days pass, my tummy seems to be getting more and more enormous and harder to the touch. Must be alot of baby in there. A couple of weeks to go and while two weeks ago, my weight stabilised but yesterday at the doctor’s, I found I had put on another 2 kg!

Now when baby moves, its not so much of kicking and punching but alot of squirming. She’s (oh oh) active at night and she sleeps late – like her father. Or maybe she is tap dancing in there to the tune of her father’s snoring (and I would know because I’m also tuned into Radio “Snore” FM).

I get heaps of Braxton Hicks contractions lately, and especially at night – it makes me wanna go do no.1 so I’m off to the toilet at least 5 times per night. I will sleepily shuffle on my furry home slippers in the dark (the toilet tiles are cold) and walk to the toilet like a zombie and then back into bed with a groan or sigh of relief.

However, I’m proud to say I have only gotten a total of 4-5 calf cramps throughout the pregnancy with only 1 of them being a super-monsta-mama cramp whereby I couldnt straighten my leg out myself. The calf ache was still there the whole of the next day!

Now, going into the final lap of the ‘race’ – I’m dreading labour day (fear of the unknown) and praying that everything will be smooth and dandy. I also dread the recovery period or confinement of 30 days. During confinement, the mother is not supposed to either bathe or wash her hair without the herbal water (which doesnt smell fantastic either). If these things don’t give the poor, harried new mother more propensity to go into a post-natal-depression, I dont know what will!

I was quite adamant to break the rules midway but having heard real life “migrane” and “the chills” stories from friends and other mothers, I had resigned myself to follow the tradition strictly.

Yesterday, when I saw the doctor, he laughed off the confinement tradition in 2 seconds and said “What about the Caucasians!? They dont do it! There is no scientific evidence to prove it”. My doctor is an Asian from Hong Kong. HMM…maybe I MAY break the rules then if I can’t stand it. Could my husband stand it? No smell-kisses for 1 month my friend!

In a fit of desperation, I went out to buy some dry shampoo – the spray kind. As a test run (quite a pathetic one) I did not wash my hair for 2 whole days then used the dry shampoo and waited another day. My scalp felt abit grimy and it itched abit after 3 days – I can’t last 3 days, let alone 30! 30 days without washing your hair will probably leave you feeling mentally tortured and scarred for life! Ok, so I’m dramatising the whole thing… but you get the picture. Lets see what happens…

The case of the NERO Baby Capsule (UPDATED)

Oh 2 posts in a day – what are the odds! We were just told that the Baby Capsule we ordered in black is sold out. Weird that we were told like 2 weeks after the order, but now we’ve got a replacement, which also looks kinda nice.

The "Gala" pattern - closest to black...

Sometimes, when you want something plain i.e. plain black, you dont get it! Bye bye Audrey Hepburn look – hello Mel Gibson from Braveheart.


2 hours later, the lady at the store calls to say…SORRY! We dont have it in GALA (above) either! So nothing in black. Out of the 6 original colour choices we had, we are now left with the 2 most unpreferred colours. A dark brown which looks like granny’s handbag and a bright orange which is ….bright. Considering we have only a couple of weeks to go I feel kinda annoyed we were cornered into getting something that doesnt suit our fancy very much as the other colours will only get in mid-August! MID AUGUST! There is seriously something wrong with the Peg Perego Supply Chain system in Australia!

Ante Natal Class

Its really hard waking up early on a wintry morning! Nothing a HOT HOT morning shower can’t cure. Today was the full day ante natal class workshop for Ronnie and I and we managed to get there right on time. There were at least 10 other couples there (including 2 pairs of Mother-daughters). Only 1 other asian lady was on her own (and at 38 weeks pregnant too!)

We started out wearing our name tags “Sue-Ann” and “Ronnie” (dunno how the Ronnie nametag ended up on my right sleeve later…..

Then we had to do the good ol’ ice breaking procedure – Hello my name is XX, I am XX weeks pregnant, this is our XXth (usually first) baby. The husbands were expected to tell the whole room how different it was living with a pregnant lady.

One husband said he had turned into a masseur on a daily basis (I gave Ron the evil eye – see, other husbands do it daily!!!). Another husband said he was being squeezed out of bed due to all the pillows his now pregnant wife needed (another evil eye to Ron, it was the other way round for me cos Ron loves his pillows!). Most husbands complained about the mood swings they had to endure but another husband truthfully said “But the mood swings were nothing out of the norm even before pregnancy!”

We even had group interactive work, answering questions etc. Then the course facilitator showed us a plastic version of the pelvic bone and a fake baby. The baby had to squeeze through that pelvis – it was an awfully tight fit and most of the ladies looked worried, including me.

We went through the 3 stages of labour – whereby the facilitator drew smiley faces at each stage. But as the labour went along, the smiley face became very sour and angry-looking. I’m glad she told the husbands to expect that!

Then we discussed the various methods of pain relief. Nitrous Oxide or gas, Pethidine and Epidural. The one with the epidural showed a mother being strapped to various contraptions and machines with IV drip, fetal monitor, catheter, contraction monitor and the catheter for administering the doses (strapped to the mother’s shoulder).

Then the delivery process itself. The husband will be allowed to decide if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord. The facilitator said it was like cutting a piece of ‘calamari’!

Toward the end of the first half of the day, Ronnie had gone on multiple toilet breaks, fidgeted around and yawned just about every 5 minutes. Well, I can’t say I wasn’t bored either but at least I participated and managed to look interested – most of the information we had already known via pregnancy books and websites. So we took flight after lunch – not before we took the hospital tour, though. We had the chance to look at a delivery suite and that was quite comforting for me.

Next week our baby will be FULL Term. Then it would be “any day now”. I hope she doesnt take her own sweet time in coming out! Her kicking and prodding is really persistent – my tummy has a life of its own!

Baby capsule

Babies are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a rain. Congratulations to our friends KK and Li Yin on the arrival of their baby girl, Kaitlyn, today!

Makes me all the more excited and eager to meet our baby girl too (obviously name withheld because we haven’t decided!).

I had a great time doing baby clothes shopping again today…..its June and its massive stocktake clearance sales on in Adelaide – irresistible prices. So things are discount upon already reduced prices and you know how much I love a good bargain. So satisfying! I’d come home with the goods and force the hubby to play the ‘guess how much!!??’ game. He would play along and name me a ridiculously low price, to which I will roll my eyes and say “Not THAT cheap!” I know he just does it to spoil my fun. Next time I’m going to buy something ridiculously expensive and play the game! haha.

It is amazing how cute and adult-like these baby sweaters, coats and jackets can be. But the price is adult-price too! Once again I looked through our current bank of baby clothes – some of which my mother had handed down to me from me and my brothers’ newborn months! Amazing eh?

Our baby change table arrived today so our little basic nursery is more or less complete now. Some people have asked me…do you really need a change table? Well, my answer – I dont know! The change table has also got 2 shelves below it so it would be great for storage too.

Last week we added a baby capsule/infant carrier (or to be more technically correct, its called a baby TRAVEL System) in which to carry the baby around to our nursery. The cons are that the baby usually outgrows the thing by 6 months so we didnt want to splurge yet we wanted one that could fit on our Bugaboo pram. The variety of baby capsules in Australia (maybe Adelaide?) are pretty limited (maybe due to their high safety laws and requirements for baby car travel) so we basically didnt have much of a choice in selection.

We ended up with:

Peg Perego Prima Viaggio Tri Fix

I dont think this bulky thing would be a joy to carry – I’ll leave the carrying to the husband since I have been carrying the baby for 9 months – it only seems fair!

I’ll be in a better position to do a product(s) review after the baby comes so I cant say more.

I know my blog’s been baby-esque recently – well so far thats the only eventful thing happening in our lives, so bear with me til D Day!

The cot builder

A sniffling Kevin Rudd is making a going-out speech at the moment – he is thanking for the Australians who have supported him. If you havent seen the news yet today, you may not know that Kevin Rudd has ‘stepped down’ as PM of Australia today and will be replaced by the DPM, Ms Julia Gillard. Something that has not happened in the past 19 years.

So while he speaks rather haltingly with pauses in between (hubby claims Kevin Rudd cried this morning – dont know how he gets his info), I’m here blogging about the next phase in our nursery building. Hubby took out his tool kit (I jest) and fixed up our baby cot yesterday. It was fairly simple, I sniffed, all you needed was really the Allen L key.

The cot builder

And the finished product (image from the net)


We have alot of stuff in PINK PINK PINK – im actually quite nauseated by baby pink already to be honest! Pink sheets, pink blanket, pink towel, pink pillows…PINK PINK PINK!!! I think I will dress our baby girl in grays, blues, green and orange alongside white, of course!

As the weeks plod along, sleep is something hard to come by. My sleeping patterns are not excellent. If I do some chores during the day I feel tired by 930pm. But if I were to go to bed at that time, I would wake up at about 2am. Sigh – the simple act of turning from my left to my right side in bed is also hard work! And did I mention the MULTI-PASS to the loo every 2 hours at night! I’m also getting a fair bit of Braxton Hicks contractions whereby my tummy hardens and becomes a weird shape for about 30 seconds. Apparently, my uterus is practicing for the SHOW. Luckily its still painless at this stage.

Complaints aside, I am feeling great!

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