A little piece of ‘Ferrari’

I return to the blogosphere like someone with a vengeance. With once again a renewed theme, I’m armed with determination to be a more consistent so-called blogger.

For most of you following my lame excuse for a blog, the current theme seems like a little deviation from previous, and I guess, alittle skewed from what I’m (and you) are used to around here. And if you’ve been around here long enough, you would realise that my changes come once in a long while and during this period of change, there could be a couple of changes before I’m satisfied with the look and feel of things around here.

Firstly, the departure from the usual look (many columns, which i will now call ‘distractions’) to the bare minimum i.e. my latest post, in its entirety. Any other ‘bits’ will be available at the bottom of the screen. You hardly scroll there anyways….right? Also, a bit of colour that packs a punch never hurt anyone – except those lying in bed in the dark feverishly playing ‘scramble’ on your phone. So yea, while I will be terribly impressed and honoured that you might be doing just that – reading my blog on your phone in bed in the dark – I’m sure it will probably be more the exception than the rule.

So back to my item for the day – we are now in the proud group of people owning a little piece of the ‘Ferrari’ of photography (as the sales manager put it to me). A very interesting thing that was said to me today….When you are an F1 driver, everyone aspires to drive the Ferrari, even Lewis Hamilton. Not 100% sure if that’s really true, but its always nice to be happily ‘persuaded’ that you are indeed getting your money’s worth when investing in something, even if its the junior member of the product line.




Have you heard of it? Well not since yesterday, I havent. I might be one of the last people on KL who hasnt, and if it wasnt for a friend leaving me to speak with clients, I wouldnt have wandered off to the concourse area of BSC….and found myself in a terrible predicament.

I almost had to do a double take – how can Andy Lau still look so good after 300 years? Darn it!

I have tried several other massage chairs in my lifetime and this one takes the cake! It is even capable of stretching your body! And the capsule around the head area delivers music to your ears – the sales assistant plugged in her iphone and voila (carefully selected orchestra music, no less) I was sent to another plane on earth.The darn thing also twists and turns your body to a certain extend and the kneading at your neck area is quite accurate.

They claim it to be a 3D machine – not sure which part of it is 3D, but the Sales Assistant claims that at this pricetag Rm13,888, you actually SAVE money from going to the masseur! i did the math and it would give you about 154 (90 minute) massages. In one year, there are 52 weeks, i.e. 52 massage sessions, so you have paid for 3 years’ worth of massages. Do you think this thing will last 3 years!? Probably. But to compare it to the oily hands of a masseur….I think not.

One thing is true though, you save time driving and parking to and fro from the massage place. And I guess you would also sit on this more often than once per week for 90 minutes. Once thing great about it is the leg / calf action you’re getting. The pulls and squeezes are relaxing. I also love the way this thing squeezes your upper arms and hips area. And I mean, squeeze!!

I said to the Sales Assistant….well….my hubby needs to try it first (she thought the sale was in the bag after my oohing and aahing, I’m sure) and she says….I’m sure if you are paying it with your own money, your hubby doenst need to approve.! My own eyebrow went up. I think she meant that I’m an empowered woman…

Anyway, its unlikely that a wife would bring home a RM13,888 monster into her living room without first consulting her husband, right?

So I dragged it abit further and said doubtfully,” Well….my hubby is on the larger side, so how would i know he’s going to fit in it comfortably? After all, i’m quite skinny and this thing is squeezing me really hard already!” Its pretty well padded too.

“Oh no worry!” said the lady and she whipped out her iphone again with a picture of a pretty obese looking dude sitting in the chair. “IS YOUR HUBBY BIGGER THAN THIS?”

I had to laugh. Ronnie would be so offended with all this witty banterĀ  (Honey, you arent even close to that!)

Again i said to her…”Well that man in the picture fits in OK, but how would you know he is comfortable?” She said to me,”Look at his face! He’s happy and look, there is even extra space around his hips and shoulders!” Again I laughed because she spoke so earnestly, and I could not see the extra space. At all.

Anyway, her point was proven because the dude was very tall and had a very very big tummy. The kind that folds a few times instead of being one big keg.

So OK, now she delivers the clincher (after treating me to a total of 30 minutes massage)….”Its promotion weekend, only until Sunday (2 days away) and we are giving away a foot massager worth RM2,000. Normal price is about RM17,000 for the chair ONLY”. Sounds like a great deal, huh? And she starts rattling off about what colours she has in stock.

And then I deliver the final word…the dreaded words….”thanks, I’ll think about it”. To prove my sincerity, I took a picture and emailed to my hubby….”Darling, can I buy this!?” To which, I received….NO REPLY! So thats that. Sayonara U-Divine….


Liv tyler for G Star

The beauty

I just did a naughty and bought 3 new pairs of G Star Raw jeans. I can safely consider myself a collector of these jeans (jeans in general) just cos g star stuff are so cool. Unfortunately, they don’t have any outlets in Malaysia (lightbulb moment!) and I have to get them overseas. No worry, they have them in Singapore!

Apart from having really cool stuff, their advertising campaign is as cool, with interesting pictorial ads – with an interesting selection of brand ambassadors. One of my favs being Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton as ambassadors.

Gemma Arterton & Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Unfortunately, I have grown OUT of a couple of pairs of g stars I first bought (when I was young, beautiful and skinny – once upon a time) and while I am stubbornly hanging on to them (taking up wardrobe space), I know that I would prolly never (sigh) ever (sigh) fit into those size 24’s again, ever. I was shocked to find that one of my pre-second-pregnancy jeans could only reach up to my thighs and not an inch higher. Water retention! All water retention (i hope!)

Anyway, it gave me the excuse (and worked as a consolation) that I get to purchase another 3 new pairs of G Stars (they were on promotion!).

So hubby, I have made my case here. No objections!


Marriage Killer?

I was trawling the WSJ online during one of my never-ending breast feeding sessions and a small link to an article entitled ‘Marriage Killer’ caught my eye.

It was a very hilarious yet very serious problem in many marriages. Yes, Nagging. It even goes to say…Nagging is far more common than adultery (really?!) but is as toxic.

So it was said, in credit to the writer (I did not take notice of the author’s gender) he/she mentioned that BOTH men and women NAG but due to women being able to more easily pick up a ‘problem’ – e.g. trash not taken out, tv not fixed etc, they tend to nag more.

Well to me, a nagging MAN is very much worse than a nagging woman. Have you been nagged by a man before? “shudder”

So the article goes to say that the Naggee (person being nagged) and the Nagger (person nagging) is caught in a vicious cycle. The nagger will continue to nag because they feel that the naggee is ignoring them (and the Naggee is indeed ignoring them after the repetitive nagging). So the man Does have the capacity to ZONE out…(here being very biased and assuming the Man is being nagged).

Lets face it, feminism aside, that a woman usually has lower tolerance levels to unwashed dishes, a leaky tap or unthrown thrash. And the man MAY say…”I’ll do it later…its not a matter of life and death, is it?”

The article continues to warn us that the couple could be soon arguing about the FACT that one party nags and their arguments begin to stem around the fighting and not the cause of the fight, in the first place.

So, an apparent solution? The soft approach. And perhaps usage of endearments and/or humour while saying it. Perhaps we can take example from a lady quoted in the article, saying she wrote a note to her husband. “I really need your help,” a recent plea began. “I am really backed up and in a lot of discomfort.” It was signed “your faithful bathtub drain.”

I should really try that on my hubby. I, only married for 2 years am starting to feel the nag effect. I try to ignore it the first few times the ‘offence’ is committed. Finally when you cant stand it no more and the naggee still does it, you either do it yourself or just start simmering and then boiling under the surface of your skin ((you know that feeling, dont you). Heck, you dont have to even be married to experience that. If could even start of in a good, long relationship with your boyfriend.

In my own words, when you feel the need to nag. Go do online shopping with your hubby’s credit card instead!!

Simi*???? (*whattt?)

In conjunction with the arrival of my new iphone 4s – here’s something hubby found on youtube which I thought was hilarious! It’s Singapore’s very own version of Siri i.e. SIMI!!!


Yum yum slurp slurp…burp…

S for Siri

Look what came in the post today!
Guess this post doesnt need to be wordy.

I am so keen to test Siri out…will keep you posted…


If I were an AMC Pot sales person, I would use this tagline>>> Cooking has never been so easy and healthy!

However, how many of use LOVE the taste of “healthy” food? Especially us Malaysians of wonderful colours (and taste buds).

Remember my post on the AMC Pot demo? Well my skepticism aside, here’s a pic of what these pots can do.

Bottom layer, curry chicken, second layer, nasi kunyit, final top layer, steamed egg

Firstly, you can cook a whole meal of curry chicken, nasi kunyit and steamed egg (which I have to say was very smooth indeed) at one go. You wait til the indicator on the pot cover reaches 3 oclock and your food is done! However, this is done on the special AMC hot pot (much like an electric stove) which is portable.

To show off more of its ability, its also a …guess again! Portable oven! You can bake a cake in it. In our case, it was just a simple orange cake with raisins.

A cake baked on the electric stove.

Fried Mee Hoon...without the crazy, arm numbing stirring required

Another impressive part was the making of fried mee hoon. You put the ingredients in the pot i.e. cabbage and what not (including pre stir fried ingredients) and the soaked vermicelli. Then drizzle onion oil over it and cover. The result, very healthy and soft (and moist) vermicelli. Only snag is you have to pre stir-fry the condiments to add in, such as meat.

Another amazing fact, you can defrost in your pot! Sample here shows melting ice in that was placed in the pot.

Defrost away

Another thing is that all handles are heat resistant and every pot’s lids functions as a pot stand. What they count on is making food moist and flavourful and healthy, using less oil and trapping more moisture in the cooking process.

The pressure/cooking gauge. Comes with each pot.

My MIL is so kind as to purchase a set for us for our new home. We are now proud owners of a rather large set of AMC pots. Its great for those who have absolutely no pots and are starting from scratch. The price? No change for RM10,000 for about a 24 piece set, including the electric stove, which is optional.

24 piece here I reckon, means both lids and pots. Anyway, learn more at http://www.amcsa.co.za/. Unfortunately, pots are now valued similarly to fine watches. They appreciate!!! So don’t wait if you need pots.

OOh, i must be the coolest pregnant woman ever now…

Look at what this dopey pregnant woman’s got.

Looks like any ergonomic mouse right? No! Look again..

My bro and his gf Deb got this as a present for my birthday. I just opened the box (well, I was quite happy with my ol’ wireless USB Logitech laptop mouse – which i now can say BYE BYE to!). yes from the box, it looked rather cool. My bro hinted that i would have to open it to know why its cool. And now i know why its cool.

You flatten it to turn it off. And crease it to make it work. The silver part is, quite obviously, the scroller.

And thats not all!!

You keep the magnetised USB receiver at the bottom of the mouse! Genius!

Thanks Jeen and Debs. I now managed to out-cool my hubby in the gadget arena. Top that, Ronnie Lim!

LOL – i shouldnt be so mean to my poor hubby. He always shares his cool gadgets with me. OK my love, you can have a Microsoft Arc touch too…for your Christmas present!

Ronnie’s Big Catch

Here’s a shoddy looking video of what went on this morning – Ron’s big catch! There’s more to the video but it was too much to post.

Warning: Do not watch if you think fishing is cruelty to animals. You may find certain scenes a bit painful to watch.

Dum dee Dum

My hubby the apple-phile couldnt resist. he just could not! He also cannot be left behind on the bandwagon, it would seem. So without further ado…..let me introduce our new 64G 3G friend, all dressed in white…. positively EVIL!

Picture me rubbing my hands together in glee and smacking my lips while I'm at it...

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