Mad mad mother

Greetings from Adelaide! I’m so busy running after Jade and doing whatever I can at home and trying to squeeze in naps in between. Being 7 months pregnant and running after a little toddler is no joke! I cant wait to have hubby here with me to share my ‘exhaustion’.

If my blog seems somewhat dry at the moment…i’m sorry! To have a poo I have to schedule an appointment so blogging is hardly part of my high needs level at the moment.

now I can better understand the actual meaning of a mother ‘single handedly’ raising her kids. Its really a herculean task and an amazing feat. If a woman has to raise just 3 little kids under 5 years old..she deserves a super mum medal of honour. And now I only have 1 toddler – 16 mths old and another soon to come – its just the tip of the iceberg for me and the nerves in my legs are already taking a serious beating from the constant moving about. I’m taking a break for the next 5 years!!!!

So at this point in time i dont know when is the next time i can actually blog. I may have the time to write something in between but there is no energy left, let alone time to stew my creative juices. Sigh! This sounds so much like a suicide post. LOL. Like a sad and bitter sort of goodbye.

I have been asking myself…what makes me, ME? What is it I like to do? What characterises me? What is my identity?

Well so far, my identity here in Adelaide is equivalent to harried pregnant mother of a toddler who barely manages to draw eyeliner before going out. Everything is in survival mode and to think I might want to continue something in life i.e. a hobby, a love for something that ‘identifies’ me…. that would be a luxury. Just to turn on the ipad at night for a quick surf before I go to bed…is sometimes such a struggle. If Jade is sleeping…i jump into bed. if she’s not, i’m jumping after her.

To all the rest of you…..FAMILY PLANNING IS KEY! Keep them a fair distance apart.

Til my next free time slot. Adios.



if you find myself ranting about our new place alot lately, it because i’m literally having dreams about home renovations at night. Ive been ‘light’ hunting by day and dreaming about it by night. I’ve been to just about every recommended and respectable lighting shop in town (including those I pass by during a drive past) and jumping in to review the place in under 5 minutes. Yes i pride myself in having a good, sweeping and rather haughty eye by now…

ive realised the art in selecting a suitable light decoration piece (e.g. for the dining area) and discovered i dont have the skill or talent in this business. I see something that yeaaaa, looks rather nice hanging in the light shop then i make a mental picture to sorta superimpose the scene of the dining area in my mind. that must explain the state of my dreams….

The range of lighting decor are far and many, starting from RM200 to RM200,000 and prolly beyond that (hand blown murano glass, anyone?).

for my budget in question (which has realistically reduced me to finding a superb, classy, value for money, china made but not cheap looking, italian inspired, decor light i.e. of the needle in a haystack variety) i’m reduced to looking for something in the region of RM1,000 to RM3,000 (RM3,000 being a bit of a stretch – oh dear…). I’m just mighty glad i only have 2 large pendant lights to search for and not 20.

We have been ‘sold’ lights that resembled space ships, giant octopuses or squids, noodles, plastic bags, pillows, rattan balls and even balloons….

Til this point of my life (at the ripe old age of 31) I’ve managed to ignore every single light fixture that hovered over my head. Now, everywhere i go, there is a new respect for those things hanging overhead that does more than just light a room. A great decor light can give warmth, eccentricity, tell a person’s character and essentially, change the look of a whole room! So for a person who is as picky as me…finding one can be brain numbing….

A variety of really funny lights:





I cannot wait….

As I’ve said time and again, many ideas for my blog fly through my head at odd hours of the day – even in my half awake/asleep state sometimes. Right now, I cant recall a single one of them.

I find it truly amazing sometimes how my blog manages to keep afloat, that after writing 1 paltry post and keeping it there for two weeks, my readers actually still come back. Not sure who you guys are but thanks for keeping it alive!

As many may or may not now know, I am once again, WITH CHILD. And my darling Jade Jade just turned one last month. If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be a mother of 2 before I turn 32, I’d say….pPPppFFTTTTT! Once upon a time, I sworn that I would only get married at the age of 30 or above – my young idealistic self once said. But as I neared the mystical age of the big 3-0 (the age where I ‘saw’ myself being like Carrie in Sex and the City – strong, fashionable, independent AND living in Manhattan!) I discovered I had to get married, and SOON, chop chop! Time waits for no man, but time REALLY cannot wait for a WO-man.

So here we are, flash to the ripe old age of 31. I find myself a wifey and mother AND pregnant again. OMG, it has TODAY, finally sunk in….and i’m floored. I had always pictured myself quite the career woman, corner office, et cetera. But life turned out quite differently. God has a plan, as always.

So, once again, i find myself being the fat, lazy, cotton-headed, irritable, sour-faced pregnant woman. An insecure one, at that. Appetite is not great again, this daily feeling of bloated-ness almost makes me weep. Driving a car after a full lunch is SUCH a challenge, and finding a good, sound 8 hours sleep is practically impossible. And the Lord said to me once via his Word…do not grumble or complain….but its hard to do, hard to do. And i am only halfway through the drama. Such a catch 22…..I want it to be over quick, but i dont want to reach the time when I’m once again breastfeeding, recovering from labour and having only 30 minutes windows of sleep before the next feed for 3 months.So instead, I look to 2013, when our 2nd baby turns 1.

My 2nd pregnancy is not as fun. I’m feeling alot more wear and tear and Dr says its because my body has just barely recovered from the first pregnancy. You can say that again!

So, from now til next month, I’m going to imagine this is where I am, every single day, until my dream becomes real and my pregnant self is standing on a beach in the Maldives with my darling hubby.

Hubby, are you reading this?? 😛






Frutti-fy yourself

By now, you would have heard of the chain frozen yoghurt shop going by the name of Tutti Frutti. .I was actually drawn to it by the fact that they charged you by the gram. And with that advertisement, I had been curious…what was this tutti frutti all about? The first time I tasted it, I was turned off by the extreme sourness of the flavours and told myself…this is the first! and the last! time.

But it grew on me. and grew and grew, and I grew with it…in size. I started putting more and more toppings on it, which always included a few pieces of Oreos and heaps of Nata De Coco plus mini little hershey kisses chockies. I put on weight! and found it curious that I started having a churning tummy during the weeks I ate tutti frutti (RM13’s worth each time). Anyway, it was only a couple of months after I noticed a poster in the shop detailing its health benefits. I can safely vouch for item 1 under potential benefits, it prevents constipation, all right!

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Probiotics, which means “for life,” have been used for centuries as natural components in health-promoting foods.

Potential Benefits

– Strengthening the immune system preventing constipation, diarrhea, and bloating
– Prevention of colon cancer
– Lowering blood pressure
– Lowering cholesterol
– Improving immune function and preventing infections
– Reducing inflammation
– Improving mineral absorption
– Prevents harmful bacterial
– Growth under stress

Back where the action is!

I am BACK – as far as ‘action’ goes – its all baby-related still but lucky me – i’ve got willing helpers!

There isnt enough hours in a day, I’ve learnt – between work and play and baby all in between. My blog has again taken the back seat – I havent been blog-dry since….ever!

Also, I’ve got a new toy in the iPhone 4 – the Talking Tom Cat app (free) is so funny, you could faint laughing. Now i’ve got to share my 16Gb worth of space with Baby Jade – Kids apps for her entertainment!

Baby Jade is also the newest member of staff in our office – she comes to work, sleeps and eats here (how committed of her) It helps that I have my own room, of course, and that my mum-in-law is just next door….

Our wedding anniversary is just around the corner. I sometimes cannot believe that I’ve been married for 1 year and have a baby to boot! Praise God…

Here’s a pic of baby I took today with my new iPhone….abit shaky so its not sharp-as – Jade Jade still looks cute though!

Hi all - I've started work now - I'm the boss!!





The facial no. 1

I’m going to document my experience at a beauty salon here in adelaide a couple of days ago. Now, its important to note that this is my first ever facial in Australia ever ever and is definitely not a good indication of the general population.(Sounds like a disclaimer, innit? But anyway, I like to be fair)

So Beauty Salon X is a small but well decorated salon selling Dermalogica and Clarins products as well as facials, waxes etc. Their brochure looked respectable and their staff were friendly. I went in there to buy a Dermalogica cleanser, thinking I was out of it. When I went home, I realised my knuckle brain had forgotten I had already gotten a replacement 2 months ago and now I had TWO bottles. So I decided I would swap the product for a facial, since I’ve been wanted to try a facial here.

And..the verdict is….I would have been better off keeping the 2nd bottle of cleanser, even if it took FOREVER to use it all.

When you think ‘facial’ – what comes to mind? Isn’t relaxation and a good face clean up the first thing?

I have heard that in Australia, they dont do extractions. Girls, you know what this is. Boys, you can guess – this is pressing and prodding your blackheads, whiteheads, pimples etc etc. Why would you go to a beautician if not to get rid of these things? Because the beautician CAN supposedly remove these things in a ‘safe’ manner. Of course, you have to go to the right beautician who wont scar your face.

Before the facial started, I asked if they did extraction and to my absolute surprise they said YES. So I went.

I have been going to dermalogica facials in Malaysia for the past let me count – 10 years of my life.  Now I have tried over 20 different salons in my life, other than Dermalogica ones so I also know what is out there. I find the Derma product best for my skin, thats why I always go back. Safe to say the style hardly changes and their professionalism is always about there. You know what to expect, you’d know in a heartbeat if they skipped a step.

So in all my heartbeats, I knew the facial I had in Beauty Salon X skipped 60% of the steps….OK, thats alright…I wont expect the same steps. But somehow I couldn’t help feeling cheated.

Firstly, the lady did not properly pull my hair back, leaving some strands around my face. When she was cleaning my face, the strands kept getting on my face. Ewww.

Then the music they played was Pop Jazz cum Bossanova at a level you would hear in a bar/lounge. Not the flavour of music I would choose for an hour of relaxation.

To me, facials are an art form. You can tell the level of experience of the beautician from their hand movements, and those that take it seriously have very delicate yet expert hand movements. You know what I’m saying.

Anyway this girl was like, pat pat, slap slap and some cleanser got into my left eye. I had to ask her for a wet tissue to clean my eye which was starting to burn alittle. She said sorry – i thought still, its OK, this is quite a common mistake for an amateur beautician.

She rolled a rotating brush over my face in a form of exfoliation and wiped it off. Thank God she used warm water with that sponge and not cold. Then for the extraction, she lathered some ‘scaling lotion’ she said over my chin (problem area) and after 2 minutes my chin started to burn and she hastily wiped it off after I raised that comment.

She took two tissues and pressed around my chin area….I knew with a sunken heart that no white or blackheads are coming out in this method. She says…almost dejectedly “Oh, nothing’s coming out, I’m afraid”

I said…”Dont worry about it”. I just wanted her to get on with the facial on to the massage bit (which I had to add AUD23 for as it came separately). And her massage was….just patting and touching the face at the ‘assumed’ pressure points. I felt nothing, and I was disappointed. And that MUSIC! Was just getting to me. I was the opposite of relaxed. Knowing that I had just wasted AUD90 on this facial – which took exactly 1 hour.

After the facial, she chirped to me “Oh, your skin looks really good!” I said to her “Really??” But hardly anything was done!

As I walked out to pay at the counter after the facial, another lady asked me “So, how was it?”

I had been debating if I should tell them the truth. It was to their detriment if I didnt! I would never set foot in that salon again, I’m not sure if their other customers felt the same way.

I told them A – Z of everything I felt and they exchanged looks and said “thats the way we were trained”. I told them…maybe you should come to Asia for a facial some time. I told them nicely of course – and they agreed with me. End of the day, they both did not take what I said seriously – maybe except for the loud music.

I have decided to possibly give Adelaide another chance and go to another salon for a final try. Heck, maybe even 2, just to have a better sample of the population. Wow, this was a long post – and I cut short my story already! Til my next facial visit….this is to be continued…..

Congrats Angeline and Loong! (Updated)

Our dear mates Angeline and Loong tied the knot last Saturday…OOh…just mere weeks after our own ROM event, bringing back the memories when I had become a Mrs (legally, at least).

Its always lovely being involved in the thrilling, maddening, yet wonderful and exciting experience of the bridal party. Angeline and Loong’s affair was just as ‘gan cheong” (nail biting) from the preps the night before to the early morning buzzing of the alarm in my ear and the oh-my-face-is-puffy in the morning and the familiar rustle of wearing the bridesmaids’ dress.

Us preparing the games the night before. We were so diligently self-entertaining.

And again, the self-entertainment continues....the scarves were part of our bid to make the boys look like girls in our lame attempts to publicly humiliate them.Laura and Joanna (as if you couldn't recognise them!)

Morning of 21st november, the BIG DAY for Angeline and Loong

I whizzed into Angeline’s condo grounds at 9.05am. The last word of caution from Jesse from last night was ringing in my ears (“DONT PASS THE 9am MARK!”) Caught the lift and headed up (late!) to meet the other girls, heart palpitating.

I made it on time to have some curry mee hoon and some box drinks. The bride was looking stunning in her traditional red and glittering “khua”. 2009. Pics from Jess.All pics henceforth from Jess as I didnt have my camera with me.

Bridesmaids and the Bride - Nov 21st, 2009. From L-R: Laura, Jess, Joanna, Huey Huey, Me, Juliet and Bride

Arrival of the Groom and his best men getting ready to 'go down'!!!!

The taunting never stopped. The boys were rather 'lukewarm' at the start. The softest bunch of 'hing tai's Ive seen. Such GENTLE-men. When does a beleaguered groom ever remind the heinous jee mui's to collect angpaus from him!???

Yeaaaa they were rather sporting. They were supposed to dress up as Indian slash Arabian snake charmers but turned out to be bollywood stars gone wrong.

Just after the registration of Angeline and Loong, I now give to you...."Mrs How".

Night portion updated (24/11/09)

The beautiful bride and handsome groom (who didnt appear to have any shitty shitty bang bang* side effects from the pungent wasabi drink this morning) were very calm and collected before dinner. I practiced abit of my performance songs with my partner, Adam (who was also the emcee) and solo with the band.

Needless to say, my nerves were on end (not so much due to the performance in front of 300 people and the odd table screaming “Yum Seng!!!” halfway through my performance, but rather due to the zit on my face).

*Denotes phrase by my bro, Jeen

Adam and I singing out duet. The lovely guy was very accomodating with the 'keys'. MUAX Adam

Yes, we both sheepishly admitted that holding the lyrics during the performance was less than desirable, but better that than to forget the words, which I did anyways! Joanna came up and gave me a rose at that exact moment (see pic)!

Husband and wife cake cuttting. This is probably the first domestic thing they do as husband and wife before the real chores set in!

The after party





Sweat countdown

4 legs are better than 2?


I have approximately 30 more days to start training for the 5km Run for the Nation.

I guess the on and off email updates from RunNat serve as a reminder – time is (literally) RUNNING out! My calves are protesting at the thought, but its nourishing to know that more and more people around Malaysia (incldg East Malaysia) are participating and gearing up for this run on October 10th.

This morning I woke at 7.20am and looked outside. A man wearing a white sleeveless jersey and white bermudas jogged past our window. 30 seconds later, he was followed by a little dog (size of a mini Pinscher) wearing a pink coloured jersey. Hmmmmm……a sign?

I make my nervous calculations. There is 30 days left, within which there are 4 weekends. And the last time I ran was likely the yearly high school 7 1/2 rounds of our school field (a total of 1.5kms) – Thanks Lee San for reminding me of our yearly endurance torture.

So….5kms is more than 25 rounds of our school field. I never really looked at the math, but that seems an awfully long distance to be running within 30 minutes.

I woke up today with half a mind to put on the running shoes, going outside and running. That was just in mind – but the body went back to sleep. I guess those who know me know that sport and any sort of athleticism doesn’t stay put (or ever appear) in my hectic schedule. Mental note: Things do to before I hit 30.

Lets try for tomorrow, shall we?

Post update at 9.06am: I just walked the length of my room 20 laps. Its too late to go outside for a brisk walk (lets not actually jog yet)

Vern’s resting place

I havent shared about Vern’s final ‘resting’ place (for his physical body). He is in a nice lovely place, a Christian area which is cordonned off in a little garden with other Christians who have passed on and have been cremated.

We had the ceremony for Vern at his resting place – starting off with some songs as the cement-guy sealed his unit with the carefully designed plaque we made. The plaque has to conform to the standard requirements of the cemetery (colour, font colour and size) so of course we did the best we can.

Our family - Jeen carrying Vern's Urn in preparation for the sealing ceremony on 21st July 2009

Our family - Jeen carrying Vern's Urn in preparation for the sealing ceremony on 21st July 2009

Getting ready at Vern's Urn's Resting Place - Dad and Jeen

Getting ready at Vern's Urn's Resting Place - Dad and Jeen

Us doing a final inspection of Vern's Plaque - a fair bit of effort was put into this to ensure the guitar and angels were right. Not just that, but spelling etc

Us doing a final inspection of Vern's Plaque - a fair bit of effort was put into this to ensure the guitar and angels were right. Not just that, but spelling etc

Jeen placed 3 guitar picks for Vern with his Urn

Jeen placed 3 guitar picks for Vern with his Urn

The sealing of the Urn's unit

The sealing of the Urn's unit

Goodbye Vern - Just for now. We all love you and miss you but we'll meet again.

Goodbye Vern - Just for now. We all love you and miss you but we'll meet again.

“Grief will not last, joy will return. For through the tears, I clearly see, That while we part for a time, With Christ, We’ll Spend eternity”


Thats the word of the day! Takes a big (wo)man to admit it, isnt it?

OK – so i havent been updating my blog as actively as previous – well its due to a couple of things:

1. Work is piling

2. Activities were piling (especially knee weakening weekend ones)

3. Night time before bed is usually for ‘quiet’ time and subsequently – SLEEP!

I am happy to report that sleep has not been elusive for the past few weeks. The nights have been well-slept-through except for the odd nights when the house alarm goes off.

Except for a dip in the ‘happy chart’ yesterday (when I posted Vern’s guitar playing pic and listening to some music at work), this week, the mood is generally OK.

I’m now planning for our Registration of Marriage but once again the word ABOVE – that ugly ugly word – is the theme once again. Its funny how much God takes centre stage now – as HE had probably planned it after all.

Many times people have asked me (before Vern’s passing), if we were having a church wedding and vows. And back then, I had stopped going to church for a good many years and neither does Ron go to church. So I would say “Nah, we won’t be having it in a church for sure…doesnt matter” and that was that.

Now its funny how central God is and how important that our marriage is blessed. So everything is in the works for a Christianly Blessing ceremony plus registration – and how unimportant are Chinese ‘pantangs’ or superstitions are now.

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