I’m into my first week of mentally reminding myself here and there of how I should spend my time if I knew I only had 30 more days to live. Man, that mantra in my head does wonders in getting my bum up and off to do whatever I’ve been procrastinating to do. Actually I cannot really call myself a procrastinator because I hardly have any time in which I could procrastinate. Its mainly always a choice of doing either A or B during my spare time.

So now, let me try squeezing in A and B during that spare time.

The 30 days to live mantra also works wonders in easing my impatience. If I had to do something which is deemed a ‘chore’ in my mind, I suddenly dont mind doing it so much. And the mantra hits many soft spots when it comes to dealing and spending time with both my little ones. Suddenly, all the time in the world is not enough to spend with them.

Unfortunately, I’ve caught the flu bug just today. It reared its ugly head and manifested in me after Ive been told enough times by people around me that they are down with the flu or that their someone is down with the flu. Its enough to psychologically make me sick and voila, it started with a sorethroat and now a runny nose. And the worst part, my little girls are both displaying the same symptoms. Looks that my feeble efforts to avoid kissing or getting too close to them proved futile. Just realised how hard it is to refrain from kissing and hugging them so many times a day.

Its close to bedtime (the only time I have to spare for myself with the house being in peace and quiet) and i think my runny nose is a little better although my watery eyes do not help. So goodnight all and keep yourself well protected from the virus thats going around. Vitamin – C yourself out!


Time is too precious

Tears come too easily. Something must be wrong with me. My mother might think I’m pregnant again. LOL.

Recently, I have been finding ready tears at the edges of my eyes during the times I spend one-on-one with my baby Sofia. I dont know whether its the way she looks at me (as if she has eyes only for me), or if its my still-raging hormones, or the fact that I get to spend very little one on one time with her just looking into each other’s eyes (usually while lying down).

I wonder what goes through her head? She seems to have such kind eyes, like an old soul, such a sweet, beautiful person. I think having babies is the best thing in the world. Praise God.

Once again, today, I’m reminded by our very mortality.

A contractor came over today to deliver something to myself. It was raining heavily and over coffee (of the 3-in-1 variety yea) shared his experience of visiting prison inmates in Sungai Buloh, Kajang and Jelebu and sharing the love of Christ with them. He also shares Sunday sermons and bible reading with inmates who are on Death-Row. He is only allowed to share with inmates who are non-muslim, and during these sessions, the prison warden sit with them in the same room.

He also shared about his team’s experience about children in women’s prisons. If a woman sentenced while pregnant, and there is absolutely no one to look after her baby on the outside, the child stays with the mother until he/she is 5 years old. I found myself feeling very sad for the child and mother – how to manage the separation anxiety after the first 5 years of life?

The contractor also shared that he once came across a little boy in the prison – one of the inmate’s children, who after seeing the contractor, ran away as if he had seen a ghost. It was because he had never ever seen a man before – no men are allowed in women’s prisons and all wardens are female. Can you imagine the staggering culture shock this little boy will have if say, you took him to Disney Land?

As for the prisoners on death row….can you imagine being in their shoes? Of course, notwithstanding the fact that they have once committed a serious crime. I cannot imagine facing the hangman’s noose – living your days out in confinement.


I am now starting to read a book called “One month to live”. Just managed the first few pages and already, I’m feeling the dread of our last days on earth.

How do you utilise your time as wisely as you can? Are you trying to live out what God wants you to do?

How are you prioritising your activities – your precious time on earth? What would you do if you knew you only had 30 more days to live?

Most of us dont know when we will die. But its the inevitable. Lets wake up and smell the flowers. Lets not wait for the “when XX happens then I will XX”. Re-evaluate, re-think, re-organise.





My blood is boiling tonight..leading me to my blog at the wee hour of 12.28am. I was about to go to bed but decided to open a letter from ENRICH (Malaysian Airlines) JUST before going upstairs to sleep. I just had to, didnt I?

The big BLUE coloured cardboard card flashed before my eyes, and, snugly nestled inside it, was a very BLUE Enrich card.

I remembered the day I received my ENRICH Silver card a few years back…it was close to my birthday and I was so very happy about it. Now, the feeling of being DOWNGRADED far exceeds and effectively erases any of the past happiness associated with being UPGRADED from Blue to Silver. In other words, I’m feeling even worse than when I first started with my humble Blue card over 7 years ago. The letter said….

Dear Ms Lim

Thank you for being a valued member of Enrich.

In the past year, we noted that you have commendably accrued a substantial amount of Elite Miles. Unfortunately, the amount of Elite Miles you earned is insufficient to maintain your Enrich Silver membership.

To ensure that you continue to enjoy your travel experiences with Malaysia Airlines, we have reclassified your membership to the Enrich Blue tier and your new membership card is enclosed.


So, my first point would be:

1. I have COMMENDABLY accrued a SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles. So if you already have acquired SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles, it means you need a gazillion of Elite Miles just to maintain the Silver. And btw, thanks for commending me.

2. TO ensure that I continue to enjoy my travel experiences with MAS….they are issuing me with the Blue card. Well firstly, the fact that even though they acknowledge I have accrued a SUBSTANTIAL amount of Elite Miles, I’ve been downgraded back to Blue. That bitter pill now ENSURES that I will continue to enjoy my travel experience with MAS? I think not. Yes, indeed I would be quite bitter each time I step foot on MH now.

3. how about all the enrich miles i did not redeem but had expired and been cancelled or gone to waste? Well maybe cos something like 30,000 points only takes you to Singapore and back?

4. Why should I even bother to reach Silver when all they do is downgrade you thereafter. Honestly, this method hardly bring the words “brand’ and “loyalty” to mind.

5. I flew from Taiwan to Tokyo, went to Maldives and also went to Adelaide in less than one year – guess thats not enough to maintain the Enrich Silver. SO what determines an ELITE route? A money making one for MH??

To say I’m incensed is quite an understatement. But sigh…I guess, its just a useless midnight rant from just another flier on MH. I guess it also shows the fact that Mums like me hardly have the opportunity to travel anymore and I dont see this trend changing for the better anytime soon. So as BLUE as I am, I have to accept the fact that…I’m  back to Blue.

And from today onwards, what little bit left of loyalty I had for MH, what with all that bad food, mediocre service, lousy sloping business class seats and their so called hospitality… has gone to the dogs. I will fly SQ every single time I get the chance. Get me my KRISFLYER asap! I’ll even enjoy the annoying layovers at Changi – shopping!

Goodbye Enrich.

The kiasu parent strikes again

The Shichida Method….the epitome of the kiasu parent.

I have been advised by many a mummies to send my kiddo to The Shichida Method classes. And like any other kiasu parent (wait! Its not being kiasu, its all about wanting the best for your child?!!!) I put Jade into the 6 month wait list. Finally, she got into a class. Last week was the first class…and Mummy was late – I was late for the early, I mean. Being the two time mummy I am, getting to somewhere on time takes herculean effort and plenty of God’s blessings. So I was ON TIME but not early (as I should have been). So of course, I was in abit of a chaotic mood when I arrived at class, with my 3 month old Sofia and my domestic helper in tow.

Jade and Mummy (little did she realise she, Mummy, was also going to be a student once again), entered class. I was rather taken aback at the seriousness of the teacher and the lesson.My poor little baby, her playful innocence was forced to a rather painful stop for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes she cried because she thought Mummy was going to leave her there. Once she was sure I wasnt leaving (mummy’s captive too, ya know) she started paying attention to the teacher.  After 30 minutes, she was roaming the classroom, and refusing to participate in the activities.N No, Mummy, plug points and window blinds are much more exciting than picture activities.

Mummy’s mouth had gone dry after the 1 hour of coaxing her to take an interest, but its OK…all for the FULL utilisation and stimulation of my daughter’s TOTAL brain capacity for the 1 hour. This method is thorough. Its fast. Its not for the faint hearted and not for the flat out mummy. It requires a real dedication on the part of the parent. Patience is just the one requirement. Mummy’s gone alittle crossed eyed after staring at super fast flash-carding, but all for my daughter’s brain stimulation…worth it…worth it…(i keep telling myself)….*sweat sweat thirsty thirsty*

After class I realised that I had not one, but TWO kids now. And I have to endure 2 times of these lessons per week AND conduct DAILY home’work’ for the kids. Faint.

All in a day’s work for the kiasu parent. Wonder how long I can last.

Ahoy there

Why the weird title?

Cos I am coming far far far from the horizon of ‘domestic bliss’. The speck at the end of the horizon (which I see as a vast wide ocean) which is LIFE as I once knew it….is very very far away. But slowly and surely I’m rising to the challenge as a new mum of 2. And I tell you, mums of one are having it good. Mums of twos are no longer concerned even about trying to remotely resemble some sort of yummy mummy.

Today my mum is around so while we are able to have a little cuppa green tea at home, I manage to rustle up something for my blog which is quickly heading toward oblivion (i thought). Its been 2 weeks since my last paltry post but hey! You guys are still visiting me here so thanks for the motivation!

So far I’m still ‘working’ to get our new home in full working order. Today the astro dudes are here to install astro and yesterday hubby and I managed to purchase the TV that HE wanted (that was deemed as HIS department) and the vacuum cleaner that SHE wanted (i.e. me). Unfortunately they didnt have ready stock for the TV and as the astro installer was due to come today,  so we sorta coaxed them to give us a loan tv so that the installer could test the astro service reception.

And they reluctantly loaned us this little baby….a 24 inch Toshiba TV, which by the way, is smaller than my hubby’s PC gamer’s monitor!!! How we the human race have advanced in that even my hubby’s PC monitor is bigger than some people’s tv’s? Who these days would buy a 24 inch sized TV except to place in the toilet (?). I still remember, 25 years ago our family TV was a 14 inch cathode ray tv!! LOL. Well, never shoot the gift horse in the mouth! The ingrate in me…!

We are still in the midst of decking out the house as we all know, slow and steady wins the race when selecting pieces of furniture. Now we are sorta at the stage of buying electronics and hubby has his eye set on a nice swanky cofffee machine which he will CLEAN himself after using it. Hubby are you reading this?

Til the next time my two girls are napping. Adios.




The challenge

It is indeed a dangerous thing when attempting to move into a new house with not one but 2 babies on hand!

We have moved! And to say I’m in a great transition in life is an understatement. Of course, in the midst of all this juggling I’m now doing, the ol’ blog takes a back seat.

Tonight there is alittle window of opportunity considering both babies are sleeping and I want to retire for the night before the next dream-feed comes around for our almost-three month old Sofia.

We had a rather good time today at the GP in Sepang, and thanks to a friend we managed for the first time to enjoy the race from a Corporate Suite that overlooked the stretch at the starting line and also the pit lane. They even served beer! Not that I had any. The rain did dampen the mood alittle but we were glad for the early exit (about 15 mins before the race ended) to avoid the traffic. I forgot my camera but hubby had something even better – the Samsung Galaxy Note. The camera on that thing is quite awesome.

So here ends by post – my eyelids are droopy already at 10pm these days.

Til I settle down nicely the posts might be abit hard to come by but I am keeping this blog alive, so do come back and visit.


A verse or two

I was recently reminded by the Lord that I ‘forgot’ to Trust in Him. To lean on Him.

For those of you finding yourselves ‘in trouble”, here are a couple of lovely verses I’d like to share

10-11Take the old prophets as your mentors. They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit, all the time honoring God. What a gift life is to those who stay the course! You’ve heard, of course, of Job’s staying power, and you know how God brought it all together for him at the end. That’s because God cares, cares right down to the last detail.(MSG) James 5:10

 17You call out to God for help and he helps—he’s a good Father that way. But don’t forget, he’s also a responsible Father, and won’t let you get by with sloppy living.(MSG) Peter 1:17

The first verse, James 5:10 found me when I was in a bit of a ‘give up’ mode. Of course, the give up feeling had nothing to do with any of life’s daily routine I’m facing right now. It was just old ‘demons’ in my closet. And while fretting, I read that verse and the fact that I now know that God cares about me down to the last detail…wow, how comforting is that!!??

The next verse, a more recent one I read (last night), was because I was feeling rather low due to certain personal situations. And that verse reminded me….that YES, my Christian lifestyle has taken a good beating lately and indeed, I am leading a ‘sloppy’ Christian life right now. I havent gone to church properly in a while and devotion is at a minimum. Its down to a prayer a day (each night) and sometimes, I manage to read through a few verses in the bible.

So if you find yourself caught up in certain unpleasant situations, remember to bring it to the Lord and TRUST IN HIM!



the knee

A friend of mine is waiting to propose to his girlfriend of 3 years. While he knows (and she knows) that the answer to the dreaded 4 words (dreaded for the male but words that bring a tremendous shot of adrenalin that lasts til the wedding – for the female) “Will you marry me?”is YES YES YES in most cases, it still brings a man to his shivering (and sometimes quivering) knees.

A gf of mine opines that if he didnt kneel, it doesnt count. No sincerity – and that spells disaster for THAT union.

Another gf scoffs at the whole traditional knee thing and claims it doesnt mean a thing.

Both of them are right. On bended knee or not, once the man gets the girl….the chivalry usually wanes and comes to a sometimes non-too-subtle stop. All you men who object….well at least you are in denial.

I came across something rather funny on the net, just someone random answering a question:

Regardless of the origin, the idea of asking for a loved one’s hand in marriage while partially kneeling is a highly symbolic gesture embodying the very essence of committing one’s life to another: the ideas of goodwill, honor, and trust in that one person is opening themselves completely to another without shame or any physical defenses.

The practical reason behind a bent knee proposal is that it puts the engagement ring in an elevated position between the couple, letting the light hit it clearly without being blocked by both individuals. This highlights the glitter of the ring as well as emphasizing the strength of the commitment.

So – ho ho ho….as per the words above, does it mean to imply that the SIZE of the rock indicates the strength of the commitment?

Another gf of mine thinks that traditionally, the value of the ROCK in essence, should be 3 times of the proposer’s salary – to indicate the level of his sincerity. Do you think this is today’s yardstick? A good measurement on the happy-gf meter? I think thats quite fair. The man should be ‘working’ to sort of prove his love for his chosen bride, should he not?

Well, another gf of mine insists that SHE should be the one choosing the ring, designing it, and TELLING the man what she ‘deserves’! And she acts terribly surprised and even sheds a tear or two when he finally goes on bended knee with the ring she choose. The hopeless romantic would never dream of it, but then again, if your man is going to spend a chunk of his savings on YOUR ring, you’d want him to get it right. And after all, you would be the one wearing it (typically) til your last breath, would you not?

And what about the delivery of the proposal? With technology at our fingertips, there are even videos on youtube on the many types of real-life marriage proposals. Alot of men think long and hard about the ‘when’ and ‘how’ and might feel compelled to outdo others in the creativity section. Jumping from planes, spelling it out on the sand (rose petals, candles, etc), in front of relatives and friends in a public restaurant, on BILLBOARDS – are quite the norm?

Many schools of thought, many opinions. But the man that one day says to his partner – “Its time to get married!” and the girl agrees and they both ride off into the sunset – takes the cake.

And you might wonder…how did my man propose? the good ol’ fashioned way…on bended knee.


Liv tyler for G Star

The beauty

I just did a naughty and bought 3 new pairs of G Star Raw jeans. I can safely consider myself a collector of these jeans (jeans in general) just cos g star stuff are so cool. Unfortunately, they don’t have any outlets in Malaysia (lightbulb moment!) and I have to get them overseas. No worry, they have them in Singapore!

Apart from having really cool stuff, their advertising campaign is as cool, with interesting pictorial ads – with an interesting selection of brand ambassadors. One of my favs being Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton as ambassadors.

Gemma Arterton & Norwegian Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

Unfortunately, I have grown OUT of a couple of pairs of g stars I first bought (when I was young, beautiful and skinny – once upon a time) and while I am stubbornly hanging on to them (taking up wardrobe space), I know that I would prolly never (sigh) ever (sigh) fit into those size 24’s again, ever. I was shocked to find that one of my pre-second-pregnancy jeans could only reach up to my thighs and not an inch higher. Water retention! All water retention (i hope!)

Anyway, it gave me the excuse (and worked as a consolation) that I get to purchase another 3 new pairs of G Stars (they were on promotion!).

So hubby, I have made my case here. No objections!


tick tock

My determination to exercise and lose weight as per last post – has somewhat dwindled. I weighed myself today and found I had dropped a kilo since last couple of weeks. I thought to myself…where did it go? Could it be water retention? Anyway, I still try to do some pelvic tilts while watching TV but my little daughter lies down next to me to imitate me, so I stop cos she rolls every which way. For the average person out there, you might think the words ‘pelvic tilt’ has some erotic connotations but those IN the KNOW, like yours truly….knows its anything but! Its to exercise and strengthen the muscle ‘belt’ that holds my middle together. The muscle belt stretches during pregnancy (you think?!) and splits in the middle. It needs alittle help getting ‘joined’ back together (near the belly button area) so that it doesnt affect my back muscles. Oh the woes of a pregnant woman!

recently, I have been thinking very much about the ‘expiry’ date of a woman. We reach menopause at around the average age of 52 (I just learnt) but some poor women get it early. And the effects of menopause – well, let me sum it up as “ceasing to be much of a woman” – in my own words. While a man ages like fine wine (they say) a woman just AGES.

Here are some of the symptoms of menopause:- (

  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • vaginal dryness
  • mood swings
  • declining libido
  • weight gain
  • headaches
  • changes in hair quality
  • lack of energy
  • aging skin
  • depression
  • incontinence
  • irregular periods
  • breast tenderness
  • fatigue

So how does a woman remain beautiful, young(ish) and attractive to her partner when ageing? (its not JUST wrinkles and sagging skin we need to contend with, oh no).  When I have the answer to that, I’ll post it on my blog in BOLD.

For now, I’m just a ticking time bomb. I have to remind myself – I might be 20 years away from turning 52, so from now til then….I want to enjoy and celebrate my feminity (while I still have it!) So bring it on, salon hairdos, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments and spas, gorgeous clothing, sexy heels, coloured hair (i’m tired already!). lets face it, being well groomed and coiffed most of the time takes a magnanimous effort. Which is prolly why my hubby declared he is glad to be a man.

So the next question – how to manage all this while being a mum with 2 kids under 2 years? How do you manage that while ensuring you spend quality time with the children, manage the household, keeping abreast with world trends/topics/issues, baking, cooking, organising home comforts, blogging, alittle socialising with friends and being a great and wonderful company to your hubby?

When I have the answer to that, I will be writing my first book and making it a bestseller and becoming a millionaire or something. Til then….I’ll need to postone the mani’s, pedi’s and put on the ‘housewife’.

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