Shut eye

Friday night. Home, PJ’s, glass of water, two laptops side by side, and most importantly, KIDS ASLEEP, house is quiet, no echoing sounds of mass killing via DIABLO 3. A dream night.

So as you can see, I have time on my hands (10 minutes to be exact) to bare my soul tonight.

I have about 7 or 8 books in line waiting to be read. My mandarin class homework sits by my laptop glaringly.  I try to ignore it. It beckons, the bright orange cover of my textbook glints.

I must have learned about 250 new chinese characters by now, only a fraction of which can be easily recalled from my brain without wincing or squinting. After 32 years of life, I think I can finally shrug off that “BANANA” tag, but the amount of precious energy it saps is I think, savagely robbing me of my once YOUTHFUL appearance.

I got distracted. i was surfing the net for 30 minutes before writing this sentence. Re-reading the paragraph above reminds me I should really get some shut eye. Goodnight.


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